Salma Hayek Gets Deadly in Bullet-Riddled 'Everly' Trailer

The first international trailer has arrived for Everly, a straight-up revenge film that stars Salma Hayek as a Yakuza prostitute out to save her family by any means necessary. When it comes to herself, though, Everly knows she has only one night left to live after upsetting the Yakuza. If you've only got a few hours left, then you might as well take some criminals with you.

If you're looking for weapons, this trailer has everything: handguns, shotguns, rocket launchers, grenades, sais -- if you can kill someone with it, odds are Hayek will have it in her hands in Everly. Playlist compares the footage to Die Hard, and gives it a nickname we hope will stick: The Raid: Hayek. Directed by Joe Lynch, Everly arrives on Jan. 23.

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