S'allgood with Salgood Sam

Beneath the superhero surface of American comics lives a teeming underground of talented artists who make their way without donning cape or cowls. And while they may not immediately come to the attention of Wednesday comic shoppers or casual fans, they're all there waiting to be found.

One of the most talented artists who doesn't (yet) have the popularity to match is Max Douglas, AKA Salgood Sam. His current project is the webcomic series Dream Life at Transmission X, and his biggest print work is arguably the first issues of Sea of Red for Image, or the graphic novel Therefore! Repent with writer Jim Monroe for IDW Publishing. He's drawn stories in numerous anthologies, and even did an issue of Ghostbusters last year. It's quite different from the early '90s, when he worked on Clive Barker's Razorline imprint at Marvel, and even drew an unpublished issue of Ghost Rider 2099 with a young Warren Ellis.

Flashing forward to the current day, and the artist recently began work on Dream Life's second act; here's a great segment from last month's pages to get a taste of what he's doing:

You can find out more about him and his work at his website www.salgoodsam.com.

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