Salgood Sam wants his <i>Dream Life</i> to come true

Cartoonist Salgood Sam (aka Max Douglas) is only 30 pages away from completing his first graphic novel, Dream Life: A Late Coming of Age. After health problems delayed his progress through over 115 pages, he's turning to the support of fans to help fund a three-month marathon to complete Book One in time for next May's Toronto Comics Art Festival

His IndieGoGo drive went up over the weekend and already he's passed 33 percent of the way to his goal of $3,800. That total will allow him to dedicate the rest of the year to finishing Dream Life and producing 100 black & white preview copies for TCAF.

The first act of Dream Life was released as a webcomic in 2010, earning him a Joe Shuster Award nomination. Act Two and much of Act Three followed last year and this year, making it his longest solo project to date. As he explains it, "This story is a labour of love. A work of fiction with fantastic and adventure elements. It borrows from my own life -- as close to autobiography as I've dared in many ways."

Salgood Sam might best be known to modern readers for illustrating Rick Remender and Kieron Dwyer's vampire pirates miniseries Sea of Red from Image Comics, but he's been illustrating for a variety of publishers, from Marvel to IDW Publishing to Top Shelf, as well as putting out his own material for 20 years.

Early last year, he received a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts to complete Dream Life, but he was hit with a number of medical struggles that halted his progress. He discussed that difficult period and much more in July with our own Chris Arrant. At that point, he mentioned planning on pitching Dream Life to Image Comics and some other publishers to get it in print, but apparently they didn't bite or he decided to stick with going it alone. In the meantime, he's focused on freelance work to keep the lights on and bills paid, but now he's ready to go full tilt to finish it up.

Here's a trailer he produced, although some of the perks mentioned in it have changed so be sure to stop by the IndieGoGo page for full details if you're interested in helping.

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