My Hero Academia Voice Actor Saki Ogasawara On Hiatus for Cancer Treatment

My Hero Academia Itsuka

The popular anime series My Hero Academia has run into unexpected behind-the-scenes troubles as production continues on its upcoming fourth season.

Voice actor Saki Ogasawara, who voices fan-favorite character Itsuka Kendo in the second and third seasons of the original Japanese version of My Hero Academia, announced on Twitter she would take a break from voice acting to focus on her cancer treatment.

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Ogasawara had announced last month that she had been diagnosed with stage 1 tongue cancer, requiring surgery and treatment for a full recovery from the potentially life-threatening illness. Ogasawara observed that as the diagnosis was in the cancer's early stages, she has a strong prognosis to recover from the malignancy.

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Ogasawara's character, Itsuka Kendo also known among her classmates as Battle Fist, is a classmate with the series' main characters and an aspiring superhero at U.A. High School in Tokyo where much of the anime takes place. With her special power, Itsuka is able to enlarge her fists, significantly increasing their strength and endurance.

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She has also appeared in other anime like Heaven's Memo Pad and The Irregular at Magic High School.

Season 4 of My Hero Academia is scheduled to premiere this October.

(via the Anime News Network)

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