Saiz Joins the "Birds of Prey" as Regular Series Artist

Announced today on DC Comics' The Source, Oracle will be recruiting a brand new member to the "Birds of Prey," as artist Jesus Saiz will join the title as ongoing artist beginning in May.

The "Birds," a team formed and headed by former Batgirl Barbara Gordon and consisting of members such as Black Canary and Huntress and Lady Blackhawk, featured different artists over its last couple of arcs. Currently, Adrian Syaf provides pencils the game-changing "Death of Oracle" that concludes with "Birds of Prey" # 10 in March, but Adriana Melo, Alvin Lee, Guillem March and Ed Benes have all taken a turn on the title since it's resurrection in early 2010.

Saiz's penciling resume includes work on such titles as "Brave and the Bold" with J. Michael Straczynski and "Manhunter" by Marc Andreyko. An artist at work since the mid '90s, Saiz rose to prominence recently through his work with JMS as well as writer Greg Rucka on "Checkmate" and the "OMAC Project" during DC Comics' mega-event "Infinite Crisis."

Writer Gail Simone spoke with the Source about the addition of Saiz to the creative team:

"Jesus is at the top of a very short list of dream artists on our, 'Oh, man, wouldn't HE be fantastic?' list. His previous work has been silky and sexy and powerful all at the same time. He's fantastic with design, storytelling, body language...an artist this good frees up the writer to make the stories even bigger and more complex.

"We were lucky to get him, and when his first piece of art came in, the cover to 'Birds of Prey' #12, we knew absolutely he was the perfect choice. We cannot WAIT for you to see his take on Dinah, Helena, Babs and Zinda. Together, we're going to make 2011 the best year for Birds of Prey ever!"

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