10 Sailor Moon Cosplays That Are Too Good To Be True

Sailor Moon was one of the best anime to come out of Japan, and it arguably started the Magical Girl trend that would transform into its own unique genre over the years. There was something so endearing and encapsulating about a group of normal everyday teenagers being forced to carry the burden of protecting the universe from evil. It's a trope we often see in kids cartoons, but the visuals in anime have always seemed much more mature in their style.

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Don't get us wrong, Sailor Moon is still very slapstick and humorous at times, but it's easy to see why so many people have fallen in love with the series and why it has developed a cult following over the years. It's especially beloved in the cosplay community, where designers and performers work tirelessly to perfect their outfits and emulate their favorite characters. Here are 10 Sailor Moon Cosplays That Are Too Good To Be True.

10 Everyone's Favorite Aspiring Idol

Let's start things off with the aspiring idol herself, Sailor Venus. The aspiring part actually depends on which version of the Sailor Scouts adventures you're following. If you're reading through manga or watching the anime, you're likely familiar with Minako's dreams of becoming a famous idol.

In the live-action adaptation, Sailor Venus is already a well-known celebrity. Perhaps cosplayer RikkuGrape is channeling the live-action version because this photograph exudes "I'm a star and I know it." The outfit looks fantastic and the wig is absolutely perfect.

9 The Blue-Haired Heroine

This list wouldn't be complete without at least one entry showcasing the blue-haired heroine herself, Sailor Mercury. The first "scout" to be discovered by Usagi, Mercury has been around since the "beginning" and usually acts as the brains of the operation. She's incredibly smart but can be rather shy (which some of the other team members view as snobbiness).

Cosplayer Selenchic gives us a variation of Sailor Mercury that doesn't come off as shy but, rather, empowered. The added effects drown the photograph in aquatic blue, matching the character's iconic color scheme.

8 She Knows What You're Thinking

Don't bother telling this Sailor Scout how you feel about her—she already knows. Sailor Mars has always had a flair for clairvoyance and psychic powers to boot. She's definitely one of the fiercest of the scouts, made more apparent by her affinity for fire.

Rei is a very disciplined soul and would rather focus on her duties as a scout and her role in the universe than anything else. Traditional values are the name of her game, but cosplayer UltraCosplay pulled this firey maiden from her shell a bit and showcased her serious and determined side with this effect-filled photoshoot.

7 Cats Can Cosplay Too

One main mantra that floats around the cosplay community is that anyone can cosplay. This is usually meant to encapsulate the idea that you can cosplay whatever character you want regardless of a multitude of factors and that, as long as you have the passion and drive to bring a character to life, the cosplay community welcomes you.

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Apparently, this manta also extends to animals because the cat of one cosplayer has tossed their paws into the ring. Artemis is the feline companion of Sailor Venus and cosplayer VanderWolf dressed up their pet Callisto to look the part.

6 A Newer Adaptation

Some cosplayers take their craft so seriously that they have the ability to create photos and quality costumes that look like they were requisitioned by the actual creators of the show. Sailor Moon Crystal was created as a "new age" version of the iconic Sailor Scouts adventure with updated animation and other elements. Subtle changes made this adventure an enjoyable "reboot" for most fans of the show.

Photographer TimFowl helped to stage this stunning photograph of Usagi that looks and feels like it came out of a live-adaptation version for Sailor Moon Crystal. It really blends the lines between cosplay and a high-budget production.

5 Small Size, Big Attitude

This list wouldn't be complete without a look at Chibiusa, a fan-favorite among Sailor Moon followers. This pint-sized spitfire is the daughter of Neo Princess Serenity and King Endymion and is one of the main characters found throughout the series.

You'll see a lot of Usagi cosplayers, but Chibiusa isn't tackled as often, likely due to her bright pink wig and the complexity of her outfit (head adornments). KarolinaNA took on the challenge of bringing the small fry to life and did a fantastic job on the outfit, as well as capturing the character's attitude.

4 True Love

Sailor Moon is usually busy protecting the universe and all its inhabitants, but there are times when she comes in contact with the eponymous Tuxedo Mask and everything seems to fade away. It's obvious that the two have a very strong connection (although some would argue that Tuxedo Mask is a bit of a jerk overall).

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Whenever they're both on-screen (or paper), fans can feel the romantic feelings emanating from this pairing. Cosplayers SailorMappy and JhonkunAGM did a fantastic job emulating the couple in this shot.

3 Every Story Needs A Villain

Every great anime epic needs a villain, and Sailor Moon is no exception. While Usagi and Prince Endymion were busy sharing their romantic feelings for one another, Queen Beryl was growing more and more obsessively jealous. She had her own feelings for the prince, and when they went unreciprocated, she turned to the dark side.

Queen Beryl goes to great lengths to put an end to the Sailor Scouts and acts as a great foil to the defenders. Cosplayer the-mirror-melts is fantastically staged, showcasing the villain within a creepy-looking forest.

2 Group Photo

Although there are individual fans of each Sailor Scout, there is no denying that they look their best when they're all battling for justice together. Friendship conquers all in this anime, and the scouts are always a brighter force when they're focused on the same goal.

Every great cosplay is taken to the next level when a group of cosplayers gets together to showcase the team of scouts. Cosplayers Firiless, KashinoRei, dreamcatcher-hina, KarniMolly, and Rosenbraut bring life to Sailor Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus, respectively.

1 The Princess & Her Cat

We already featured Artemis on this list, so it wouldn't be fair not to include Luna. This adorable photo from SailorMappy features the cosplayers dressed up as Usagi and hugging her own black cat who looks just like Luna, especially with the added touch of Photoshop and a Moon crescent on her head.

SailorMappy's Usagi outfit is spot on and the small pout (something Usagi does a lot) makes the picture that much better.

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