10 Sailor Moon Comics That Are Too Hilarious For Words

For a lot of kids who grew up in the 90's, Sailor Moon was an icon. Whether you grew up calling the gang Pretty Guardians or Sailor Scouts, or even if you are from one of those countries where the girls were fairies, you can't deny the show had (and still has) fans around the world.

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A lot of these fans have shared their love for the series with plenty of fan-comics. We're sharing some of the funniest ones we've found online.

10 "Sailor Moon Re-BOOT!"

via [SailorEnergy/Deviantart]

A lot of fans of the classic anime were probably excited to hear that the series was being rebooted as the web-series, but the more you think about it, there's probably at least one person who probably isn't too happy about the return of the Dark Kingdom: Sailor Moon herself. That girl is always in the mood for a vacation.

Deviantart user SailorEnergy shared this funny comic involving Usagi being "kicked" back into action by her dear friend Rei (Sailor Mars.) It's also a delightful pun on "reboot."

9 "Sailor Moon Interrupted by Snowball"

via [SailorEnergy/Deviantart]

One of the most iconic parts of the series are those sparkly transformation scenes the Scouts use to transform into their alter-egos. Exactly how they work in-universe, however, has often confused fans.

Nephlite saw Usagi change that one time, so they do "happen" in-universe, but that begs the question of why the villains never attack the girls when they're probably the most vulnerable. All those evil schemes to take people's energy or hearts or whatever could have succeeded.

SailorEnergy gave a possible answer for what could happen if someone attack mid-henshin. Now if only someone could answer why their nails change when they're all wearing gloves.

8 "Time For Star Power"

via [Moon Sticks]

It's been said that Naoko Takeuchi intended to end the series with the first story arc, but the story was so popular it just kept going. Because of this, in hindsight, there's a lot of characters and plot points that it would have made sense to introduce earlier.

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Seriously, if Uranus and Neptune were awake this whole time, why didn't they take a week off from trying to kill Saturn to help with Queen Beryl? As Moon Sticks points out in this cute little comic, Luna and Artemis should have check if there were any power-up left lying around to give the girls before sending them off to die.

7 "Ami & Urawa's Feelings"

via [Moon Sticks]

With the Sailor Moon anime and manga being produced side-by-side, there were plenty of times the stories went in completely different directions and characters might have completely different personalities.

Take Ami Mizuno, better known as Sailor Mercury. In the manga, she is usually stern with the other girls regarding their study habits and is often ready to lecture them, something her anime counterpart is usually too shy and sweet-natured to do.

She also had her own short story, "Ami's First Love," where it was revealed that she is uncomfortable with romance, even having an allergic reaction to love letters. Compare this to the anime, where Ami was actually the first girl to even get a boyfriend! Let's just say it was kind of confusing when the story was adapted into the anime.

Don't worry, Moon Sticks still remembers you, Urawa. Also known as Greg.

6 "Three Lights - Chipmunks"

via [Porcelain-Requiem/Deviantart]

The Sailor Starlights might have been introduced in the last season of the series but they sure became popular with fans. Deviantart user Porcelain-Requiem decided to have some fun by combining them with another famous singing trio.

Funnily enough, the description even points out how each of the Three Lights have personalities that match Alvin and his brothers: "Seiya's Alvin... Yaten's Simon... and Taiki's Theodore." Yeah, Taiki and Theodore do both like cooking.

5 "How To Write Sailor Moon"

via [Kyetxian/Deviantart]

Even the biggest Sailor Moon fans have to admit the show really loves its formula. Each season there's a villain who's really just brainwashed or possessed (Prince Endymion, Wicked Lady, Mistress Nine, the Amazon Quartet...nearly the entire cast in the Stars manga). There's usually a search for something that Usagi or her friends had all along (the Moon princess, the Silver Crystal, the Purest Heart, the Golden Dream). The Scouts usually make a new friend each episode who is never heard from again.

Deviantart user Kyetxian decided to point this out in the following comic, which is essentially a template for all your fanfiction needs. And that hair color thing needed to be said. We're not even getting into how Chibiusa turned out.

4 "We Will Fairy You"

via [Annorelka/Deviantart]

Sailor Moon has been very influential in the world on animation, with plenty of shows around the world paying homage to it. Take Italy's Winx Club, which is essentially about girls going to Hogwarts to learn how to be Sailor Scouts. Complete with those sparkly transformation scenes.

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Deviantart user Annorelka did a two-for-one with this comic. Poking fun at Bloom's infamous line from the Season 7 trailer, the comic gives an explanation for the show's redesign for the Crystal spin-off. Sure, we thought it was to be closer to the manga, but it was probably fairies. It's always been fairies.

3 "Sailor Moon Crystal: Sloppy Pics"

via [daekazu/Deviantart]

Sailor Moon Crystal has been divisive with fans, to say the least, especially because of the animation. Deviantart user daekazu decided to have Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars voice their concerns over how they turned out.

To be fair, given Rei's concerns, the girls were pretty leggy in the original manga...but it's kind of hard to think of an excuse for what happened to Ami's face.

2 "Could Have Been A Lot Worse!"

via [keah/Deviantart]

The magical girl genre has come a long way since Sailor Moon has come along. Take Puella Magi Madoka Magica where a group of magical girls saves the world from evil "witches," who are more than they originally appear.

In hindsight, thanks to Deviantart user Keah, Luna is assuring Usagi that for all of her whining that she could have been a normal girl with a normal life, things could have been a lot worse off for her. Sure, there was that time she and her friends all died...actually, they die quite a bit. But at least they usually get better.

1 "Sailor Moon Adventure Comics #247"

via [Unknown/Reddit]

The infamous Adventure Comics #247, in which Superman is rejected by the Legion of Super-Heroes for being too ordinary, has been the subject of parody over the years. It only makes sense that one of the most popular superhero teams of all times, the Pretty Guardians, needed to get in on this.

As seen on Reddit, the Outer Scouts (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) reject Sailor Moon from joining their group. You'd think they'd be more respectful of the Moon Princess herself, but these are the girls who spent all of Season 4 of the anime on vacation. They're the original clique. On a related note, it also explains why Sailor Jupiter ain't an Outer Senshi...despite Jupiter being an outer planet.

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