Sail Away with "A Dummy's Guide To Danger" This Fall

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Dynamic private eye duo Alan Sirois and Mr. Bloomberg may not be your typical gumshoes, but that hasn't stopped them from becoming an indie hit in the world of comics.   The brainchild of writer/creator Jason M. Burns, A Dummy's Guide to Danger follows the investigating adventures of hard-nosed Sirois and the sarcastic Mr. Bloomberg, a paraplegic ventriloquist dummy that Alan believes was shot in the back by an assailant and became crippled when the bullet lodged in his spine.   The first mini-series, which was released in the summer of 2006, will hit stores in trade paperback format this June.

"When Dummy was first pitched to us, we knew right away that it was different than anything else out there and that it had the legs to become a franchise title for us," states Viper Comics President Jessie Garza.   "It's filled with mystery, action, and above all, humor, making for a unique book that has really been connecting with readers."

The trade of the first series, which was written by Burns and features artwork by Ron Chan, centers on Sirois and Mr. Bloomberg as they track down a gruesome killer known only as The Flesh Collector.   The soft cover trade will also include a never before seen ten-page story called "Kitty Eater" with art by Paul Tucker ("The Underworld Railroad"), as well as various other extras.

For fans who can't get enough of their dummy fix, Viper Comics has announced that a second series is in the works with artist Joe Eisma.   Coined A Dummy's Guide to Danger: Lost at Sea , the four issue mini follows Sirois and Mr. Bloomberg as they have to solve a series of murders on a cruise ship.   The sequel will ship in the Fall of 2007.

"The second series was pitched to us at the same time as the first one and I have to say, it's such a solid step up from what was already great storytelling," continues Garza.   "And to top it off, we've found the best compliment to the storytelling… Joe Eisma."

A Dummy's Guide to Danger: Volume 1 trade will ship to stores in mid June.

For more information on A Dummy's Guide To Danger or Viper Comics, visit www.vipercomics.com.

112 Pages/Color/$11.95

ISBN: 978-0-9793680-0-4

Diamond Previews:   APR074041 F

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