Legion Casts Wonder Woman Actor as the Shadow King

The Shadow King and The Brood

Wonder Woman actor Saïd Taghmaoui has been cast in the second season of Legion as none other than Amahl Farouk, otherwise known as the Shadow King.

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The news was announced during the show's panel at Comic-Con International, where showrunner Noah Hawley first revealed Taghmaoui's casting. Regarding the show's take on Farouk, FX has described the character as a "villain with a thousand faces," citing his style in his true form as dapper "with a thin Clark Gable style mustache."

"It is rumored he is the spawn of the first nightmare, which is fitting because fear is his weapon of choice in exposing weakness in others. To Farouk, fear equals weakness and he fears nothing. Which is why he takes such delight in seeing others squirm — a reminder he is more powerful than them."

Although Taghmaoui will portraying the character come season two, the Shadow King has already made various appearances throughout the series, using various names and faces -- such as Lenny (Aubrey Plaza). With Oliver Bird (Jemaine Clement) having become the new host of the Shadow King by the end of season one, it's unknown just how the series plans to use Taghmaoui to tackle the villain that is said to be the "spawn of the first nightmare."

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Taghmaoui is, of course, coming off of the highly-successful Wonder Woman, where he portrayed Sameer.

Starring Dan Stevens, Aubrey Plaza, Katie Aselton, Jeremie Harris, Bill Irwin, Rachel Keller and Amber Midthunder, Legion will return for its planned 10-episode second season in early 2018.

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