'Saga's' Lying Cat is getting her own talking plushy (honest!)

One of the early breakout characters of Saga, Lying Cat has appeared on T-shirts and in memes, and has even been transformed into a 3D-printed sculpture. Now the blue-skinned feline is getting her own official plushy doll that says "Lying" when you press its collar.

We're totally not lying. We swear.

Offered by Essential Sequential, which sells original art by Saga's Fiona Staples and other creators, the doll stands 19 inches tall and features a posable (plus the aforementioned "Lying" thing). What's more,  all preorders through the website will receive a free 5-inch by 7-inch print from Saga creators Brian K. Vaughan and Staples.

Available for preorder now for $35, the Talking Lying Cat Plushy Doll is scheduled to ship in May.

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(via The Beat)

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