Saga: Vaughan & Staple's Image Hit Gets the Funko Pop! Treatment

Skybound has announced that Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples' Saga comic series is getting the Funko Pop! vinyl treatment. The figures are expected to hit store shelves sometime in February.

The company will be releasing a full slate of figures depicting characters from the series. Marko, Alana, The Will, Prince Robot and Lying Cat are among the lineup.

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Along with those five figures, there will also be a few rarer ones mixed in, too. There will be a bloody The Will variant figure available in every one of six boxes. Hot Topic will carry an exclusive Izabel figure, complete with a standing platform. Lying Cat will have two exclusive variants for fans to choose from, including a bloody one for Diamond Comics and a pink one for Barnes & Noble.

Launched in 2012 through Image Comics, Saga has been described as Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings with a bit of Romeo and Juliet mixed in. The space opera has proven to be a massive indie hit for Vaughn and Staples. It has won numerous awards, including 12 Eisners and 17 Harvey Awards. The first trade paperback collection won a Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story in 2013. The title is expected to hit its 50th issue milestone in the next few months.

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