"Saga" Artist Fiona Staples Promotes Starz Series "Black Sails"

The illustrations have appeared on the "Black Sails" Twitter account, which are presented as recaps of the first two seasons before the third begins later this month. (Potentially NSFW language ahead.)

Before Season 3 begins, we're remembering how the hunt began - brutally. Illustration by @fionastaples. #BlackSails pic.twitter.com/GPc2SawgZV

- Black Sails (@BlkSails_Starz) January 5, 2016

Buried alive, naked and half-dead, Charles Vane showed the world what a real fucking pirate can do. #BlackSails pic.twitter.com/sSOFSYkVer

- Black Sails (@BlkSails_Starz) January 6, 2016

Fuck with Anne Bonny and it will be the last time you fuck with anyone. #BlackSails pic.twitter.com/TyKml9SQzh

- Black Sails (@BlkSails_Starz) January 7, 2016

Along with "Saga," Staples recently illustrated the first three issues of Archie Comics' "Archie" relaunch, written by Mark Waid. "Black Sails" season three debuts Jan. 23 on Starz. (Via BleedingCool).

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