Sad Day for Comics...

...but perhaps a good day for your wallet.

Young American Comics, a very fine little indie publishing house that brought you cool stuff like Snakepit as well as my students' favorite iteration of Comic-Con Bingo, is closing its doors:

Dear Fans and Friends of Young American Comics,

A lot has happened in the last couple of years.  One piece of greatnews is that our son, Jonah was born in late March of 2008.  He is acomplete joy and we are eagerly looking forward to seeing his firstcrayon scrawls on paper.

As you of course already know, many people in this country havestruggled with the economy over the last few years.  Small businesseshave been especially at risk, and YAC was no exception.


The rising costs of gas and air travel hit us hard, making itincreasingly difficult to travel to conventions.  When the airlinesdecided to start charging for luggage, it was the final nail in thecoffin.  If we could no longer travel to conventions, we were losing alarge part of our sales and promotion.

Comic shops across the country have also been hurting, of course, andthat directly translates to them buying less.  In general, most comicshops don't carry a lot of independent books (and minicomics even lessso), so our sales to shops dwindled to nearly nothing.

And of course, you the fans have had less money in your own pocketsas well.  We would much rather you spend your money on food and rentthan comics, though, so no hurt feelings. :)


What you may not know is that YAC was always funded out of our ownpockets.  We didn't pay ourselves a paycheck and often took a loss,especially on minis and group projects.  When we found out we werepregnant, we knew that we needed to adjust some priorities:  it wasfoolish of us to continue to invest in what seemed like an alreadysinking ship.

We dragged our feet for quite some time, like a long-termrelationship going sour.  We were hesitant to quit on YAC, but had nocapital to work with, and were beginning to feel burnt out on comicsin general.  We decided to use the New Year to "officially" go out ofbusiness.


Visit the YAC Store for our Going Out of Business Sale!

All of our leftover stock has been drastically reduced in our store:All trades are $5, all minis are $0.50 and all T-shirts are $5.  Getthem now, because when they're gone they're gone.  Nothing will bereprinted.  We're also offering free shipping (to the US, via mediamail) for all orders over $20.  This sale is good for one week, untilMonday, January 19, and at that time, the YAC store will be closed forgood.

We also would like to take this opportunity to thank you all.  Ouryears running Young American Comics were ones we will always look backfondly on.  Thank you for all of your endless support.  Thank you toeveryone who visited us at a convention, purchased something from thestore, told a friend about us, or submitted something to a groupproject.  It's a cliche but true to say we absolutely could not havedone it without you.

We've always relied on you to spread the word: about our books, ourprojects, about indie comics in general.  And now we ask you one finaltime:  if you know of anyone else who would like to take advantage ofthis sale, please point them to the site.  If you know any shops ordistros who would like copies of Snakepit Quarterly or the BIZMARTrade in bulk, let me know by email (coreymarie@gmail.com) and we canwork out further discounts.

One more time, let us say thank you to all of you for your continuedsupport over the  years.  To our fans, we hope that you'll continue tosupport independent comics.  To our contributors, we hope that you'llfind even more new and innovative ways to bring creativity and freshideas to comics.


Tod and Corey Marie Parkhill

Young American Comics


We first enountered Young American when they were our neighbors at the Emerald City show, where Julie fell in love with their collection of buttons ("Support Indie Comics, You Dope!")

Thereafter we would see the Parkhills around at different shows over the years, and they were always a delight. The sheer love of comics they brought to their endeavors made all things seem possible.

Anyway, the least I can do is spread the word for them a little. Check out the sale, there are some amazing deals there on some really good comics. In the meantime, we wish them the very best, and want them to know that if nothing else... we'll always have Bingo.

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