<i>Sacrifice</i> set to return in January

Sacrifice, the self-published fantasy/adventure comic by Sam Humphries and Dalton Rose will return Jan. 16 with Issue 4 after a nearly year-long delay. The final two issues of the acclaimed series are scheduled to arrive in February and March (or, in the words of the teaser, "Now Monthly Until the End of the World!").

"The whole Sacrifice team has been working hard this year to allow us to return to Sacrifice without additional delays," Humphries, whose first issue of Marvel's Uncanny X-Force goes on sale the same day, said in a press release. "Issue 4 is ready to go to the printer, issue 5 is completely drawn, and Dalton is hard at work on issue 6. We're well within schedule to ship the final issue in March. The book is looking better than ever -- we thank our awesome retailers and devoted readers for their patience!"

Debuting in December 2011, Sacrifice centers on a troubled Joy Division fan named Hector who's plucked from the 21st century and thrown into the middle of an Aztec civil war. Humphries went on to write John Carter: Gods of Mars and Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates for Marvel and Higher Earth for BOOM! Studios, but remained determined to return to Sacrifice and to self-publishing.

"We’ve got three issues left of Sacrifice, so in a very literal sense, self-publishing is a part of my career right now," Humphries told Robot 6 in September. "Dalton and I are working on it as we speak. Once we get more pages finished, we’ll announce ship dates for the remaining three issues. Beyond that, self-publishing is always on the table for me, when the time is right. This marketplace can be very unforgiving. It requires a hacker’s mentality to figure out ways to route around the damage and bend the system to your will. I’m open to any and all tools that might help me achieve that. So I’m interested in self-publishing as a tool. But I’m not very interested self-publishing as an identity or as ideology."

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