Sackhoff Becomes A <i>Sexy Evil Genius</i>

Kara "Starbuck" Thrace is a woman with many sides: sexy fighter pilot, evil (or, at the very least, ruthless) towards her enemies, and a genius on the battlefield. For her next role, actress Katee Sackhoff is combining all three of those sensibilities to become a Sexy Evil Genius.

The Hollywood Reporter has the story that the Battlestar Galactica star is joining the cast of Sexy Evil Genius in the title role. Greek showrunner Shawn Piller is directing the film from a script by Scott Lew, a screenwriter suffering from Lou Gehrig's Disease.

THR describes the plot:

Genius centers on a group of strangers brought together in a downtown Los Angeles bar by their mutual ex-girlfriend (Sackhoff). The woman is mysterious about her intentions, but by the night's end, revenge will be had, romance made and the wronged woman will have delivered on her reputation as the sexy evil genius at the center of all their lives.

Lew, who wrote and directed the Patrick Fugit and Olivia Wilde-starring comedy Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas, said that his inspiration for Genius came from his fascination with the impressionable teenage years: “I thought why not do a story about early 30-somethings, where a sexy girl forces an unhappy guy to remember all his dreams and aspirations when they were 17 and dating.”

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