<i>Sabrina The Teenage Witch</i> Heads Back To TV In New Animated Series

Sabrina the Teenage Witch will return to television in an animated series from Archie Comics and MoonScope Entertainment, Hero Complex reports.

Created by George Gladir and Dan DeCarlo, Sabrina Spellman debut in Archie's Madhouse in October 1962, becoming a staple of the Archie universe and, less than a decade later, starring in her first animated series. The comic was adapted as a live-action TV movie in 1996, which spawned the long-running Sabrina, the Teenage Witch sitcom starring Melissa Joan Hart. The character also appeared in Sabrina: The Animated Series in 1999 and the spinoff Sabrina's Secret Life in 2003.

The more contemporary interpretation of Sabrina, complete with spiky hair, skinny jeans and a tattoo, is described by Archie co-CEO Jon Goldwater as "a combination of Twilight meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer," dealing more with action and the supernatural realm.

MoonScoop, which already envisions a Sabrina feature film, will meet with networks in the next few weeks, with hopes of having the series on the air by October 2012.

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