S.H.I.E.L.D Your Eyes: 15 Pictures AoS Actors Don't Want You To See

Since its premiere in 2013, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D has created a dedicated following. Based on the Marvel Comic's organization, the agency serves to protect the world that's come to realize the existence and need for superheroes. Set within the continuity of the MCU, the series follows Agent Phil Coulson and his team of agents as they try to defeat ruthless enemies such as HYDRA and the Inhumans. Development for the pilot began immediately following the success of The Avengers and has since continued for five seasons and going!

The show has been a rollercoaster when it comes to ratings and reviews, experiencing steady rises and steep lows when it came to introducing new storylines and attempts to tie in with the MCU. In 2013, the series won the Critics' Choice Television Award for "Most Exciting New Series." The fifth season premiered in December of 2017, featuring the team being transported to space in the year 2091. While Marvel fans are keen on seeing what's in store for the S.H.I.E.L.D team, some may not be as eager to discover these images of the actors behind the series. Below is a collection of hilarious behind-the-scenes images, embarrassing film roles, and cringe-worthy pictures these stars wish they could erase from memory.


Dance battle anyone? Clark Gregg shared this behind-the-scenes photo on his Instagram of his fellow co-stars and him breaking out their dance moves on set while filming. The post, an open invitation to join the cast at New York Comic Con, received over 46 thousands "likes."

The image is taken from a scene in the Season 4 episode "Lock Up" where Coulson and Agent May go to Southridge to break out Eli Marrow. While at the prison, they are attacked by the Warden and some prison guards who are under Lucy's influence. Barricading themselves in the Warden's office, they contact Mack to aid in their extraction. Daisy and Robbie volunteer to help. Daisy meets up with Coulson and May before being attacked by the Watchdogs.


Always invite Kyle MacLachlan to your Halloween party. The Twin Peaks star, who appeared on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D as Calvin Zabo, is a welcomed guest at Heidi Klum's infamous Halloween parties, where celebrities go all-out when it comes to dressing up. Among MacLachlan's creations are his 2016 salad costume and his 2017 portrayal of Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now. He has also appeared as George Hamilton and a victim of a golf-ball to the face.

On the show, Doctor Zabo is revealed to be Skye's father, working as a surgeon for the criminal underworld. His troubled past with his wife Jaiying leads to his need to reunite his broken family which ends in him killing her to protect Skye, ultimately fulfilling a promise he broke long ago. In Season 2, his memory is erased and he's given a new life as veterinarian Calvin Winslow.


While many will recognize John Hannah from The Mummy franchise, fans of the BBC series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency will recognize him as The Mage. The well-manicured moustachioed villain is a wizard named Kellum who enjoys the sadistic pleasure of hurting people. In the episode "Girl Power," he can be seen wearing the classic wizard outfit complete with a pointy hat.

On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Hannah plays Doctor Holden Radcliffe, both ally and enemy of the team. In Season 3, he was forced by Hive to create an inhuman army while in Season 4, Radcliffe tried to find the key to immortality by reading the Darkhold. Ultimately, he is killed by his digital assistant LMD AIDA who slits his wrists and downloads his mind into the Framework.


JUST LIKE A WOMAN, Adrian Pasdar, Julie Walters, 1992, ©Samuel Goldwyn Company

Fans of the show Heroes will instantly recognize Adrian Pasdar among S.H.I.E.L.D's list of enemies. As Brigadier General Glenn Talbot, he sees it as his patriotic duty to hunt down the agents and later became the head of the A.T.C.U. following the murder of Rosalind Price. Talbot is the only recurring character who has appeared in four seasons of the show.

Before donning the military uniform, Pasdar once wore woman's clothing. In the 1992 film Just Like a Woman, the actor plays a financial executive who is discovered to be a transgendered person named Geraldine. After being thrown out by his wife who misinterprets the situation as him having an affair, Pasder finds himself falling for a much older woman. The film was one of the few "cross-dressing" movies that treated a trans character with dignity and as a heroic figure.


Best known for his appearances in Twister, Aliens and as Dinky Winks in the Spy Kids films, Bill Paxton has had quite a interesting film career. In 1984, Paxton starred in The Terminator as the Punk Leader. His character, along with his troublesome pals, spot a naked Arnold Schwarzenegger walking toward them. Paxton jokes, "Nice night for a walk, eh?" When the cyborg demands their clothes, the punks respond by flashing their knives. Paxton is the first to experience the Terminator's brute strength, being lifted by his chin and thrown against a fence.

On Agents, Paxton played John Garrett, the main antagonist of the first season. The character was Agent Ward's training officer who shared a rocky history with Agent Coulson. It is revealed later in the season that he is the mysterious Clairvoyant, using his high-level status to view classified S.H.I.E.L.D documents.


Xena: Warrior Princess fans were stunned to see Lucy Lawless appear on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. As Isabelle Hartley, Lawless was a veteran agent who is sent by Coulson to steal the Diviner from a government warehouse. After touching the artifact, her hand becomes encased in a cocoon. On her way to the hospital, she collides with another car and is killed.

Lawless has also made appearances on Parks and Rec, Ash vs Evil Dead, and Salem. In 2009, she starred as Mother Superior in the raunchy action film Bitch Slap, which followed three troublesome ladies determined to steal $200 million worth of diamonds from a criminal kingpin. The poor attempt at an exploitation flick earned a 19% on Metacritic, leaving critics unamused by the recycled sexual cliches and hyper-stylized violence.


Before he played Agent Antoine Triplett, BJ Britt made appearances on Everybody Hates Chris, One Tree Hill, UnREAL, and more. Perhaps one of his most surprising roles is in the Twilight Saga parody Vampires Suck as a knock-off version of Laurent. His character teases that he has " a serious case of the munchies" and is offered a bag of Cheetos by his clueless victim who mistakes him as a member of The Black-Eyes Peas.

It seems his prior experience of playing one of the undead proved beneficial as he appeared in an episode of The Vampire Diaries that same year. Britt also worked alongside Adriane Palicki in the unaired 2011 Wonder Woman TV movie as Willis Parks. As Agent Triplett, he was a former ally of John Garrett who switched sides and earned a place on Coulson's team. The character was killed during the Battle for the hidden Kree City.


As Mockingbird, Adrianne Palicki proved herself to be a highly-skilled agent. Her character, Bobbi Morse, had a long and successful run of undercover operations, including seducing Lance Hunter, who she later married. However, her portrayal of Wonder Woman in 2011 failed to take flight. The unaired TV pilot was meant to debut on NBC but the company decided not to buy the series. The episode centered around Diana Themyscira, CEO of Themyscira Industries, as she struggles to maintain balance between her three personas: business woman, normal Diana Prince, and the crime-fighting hero Wonder Woman.

The series received harsh criticism, with critics comparing the costume to a bad porn knock-off and one calling the pilot "embarrassing." Die-hard Wonder Woman fans were quick to point out the disregard for the character's comic-book origin; the show having little to no reference made about her mythological heritage.


Actor and comedian Patton Oswalt appeared on the show as Agent Eric Koenig, a fiercely loyal ally of S.H.I.E.L.D. He was killed by Agent Ward, acting as an agent for HYDRA, in Season 1. It's believed Eric has at least three identical brothers -- two working for S.H.I.E.LD -- although some are led to believe they are templates for a series of Life Model Decoys.

Oswalt has a vast acting career, making appearances on popular TV shows, doing character voices, and making video shorts. One in particular, made for FunnyOrDie.com in 2012, features him dressed as an Internet Troll who attempts to explain his online "trolling." In 2014, the "Master Troller of Internet Trolls" made another short confronting his haters. At the end of the video, he encounters a fan of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D who asks Oswalt to "please stop taking a piss all over the Marvel universe" by appearing on the show.


Fitz-Simmons fans rejoice! In the recent episode, "Fun and Games", Fitz makes a romantic proposal to Simmons once reunited after a heart-wrenching 74 years! Due to an ear implant, Simmons is unfortunately unable to hear him. At the end of the episode, Fitz vows to never leave Simmons again to which she replies, "then marry me, Fitz."

Before these lovers were destined to meet, Ian De Caestecker played a young boy hiding his sexuality from his closed-minded father. In the 2003 dramatic short entitled All Over Brazil, the actor plays Stephen who would rather dress as his Glam Rock idols rather than watch the Scotland World Cup. After his father catches him in his sister's gold platform boots and makeup, he decides to run away to see a concert. Back at home, he's greeted by a family that's grown to accept his need to express his individuality.


After betraying his team by working for HYDRA, Brett Dalton decided to seek forgiveness by portraying the Son of God in the hilarious movie The Resurrection of Gavin Stone. Dalton plays the washed-up main character, a former childhood star whose wild antics land him in jail. When he's forced to do community service at a local church, Stone pretends to be a believer so he can play Jesus in their annual Passion play.

On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Dalton played Coulson's aide Grant Ward. His character had rocky relationships with his fellow agents; having a "friends-with benefits" relationship with Agent May, a brotherly bond with Fitz, and a romantic relationship with Skye that led to a devastating betrayal. Ward died in "Maveth," having his heart crushed by Coulson's robotic hand, before his body was then taken over by a nefarious Inhuman god.


Chloe Bennet may have one the most regrettable exes ever. The actress was once rumored to be romantically involved with Logan Paul, who recently came under intense media scrutiny when he posted a video of himself discovering a dead body in Japan's infamous Suicide Forest. Since the incident, Youtube has pulled Paul's channels from Google Preferred and issued a statement condemning his careless actions.

In July of last year, Bennet was spotted with Paul while vacationing in Hawaii following her break-up with The Walking Dead star Austin Nichols. The pair addressed rumors of their romance in a video, stating they didn't want to put a label on whatever was actually going on between them but assured spectators that whatever they were doing wasn't a publicity stunt. Since the incident, Bennet has cut ties with the vlogger.


Many know Ming-Na Wen as the voice of Mulan but it appears she's been channeling another Disney princess while on set of AoS. Kicking butt really tires out Agent May, as shown in the behind-the-scenes Instagram picture. Wen isn't the only one who's been caught catching a few Z's in-between takes; Brett Dalton and Henry Simmons have also been photographed getting some shut-eye.

As Melinda May, Wen is the stoic second-in-command agent to Coulson's team. Once a much more outgoing individual, she was left emotionally scarred after a tragic mission in Bahrain. She is deeply determined to protect her fellow agents, especially Coulson, with whom she shares a close bond, and has earned a legendary status among the agency. It is revealed that she was the mastermind behind the creation of Coulson's team to be used to put him down if ever necessary.


As Nick Fury, there's no doubt that Samuel L. Jackson is one badass motherf**ker. As the former director of S.H.I.E.L.D, Fury created the Avengers Initiative, Project T.A.H.I.T.I, and Project Insight after the Battle of New York. After a failed assassination attempt, Fury went deep underground allowing only a select few to know he had survived. He then made Agent Coulson the new director, helping him defeat John Garrett and aiding the Avengers in defeating Ultron.

Before making his debut in the MCU, Samuel L. Jackson starred in the 2001 film The Caveman's Valentine. Playing a mentally-ill cave-dweller in New York City named Romulus, Jackson's character stumbles upon a frozen dead body in a tree on Valentine's Day. Despite police saying the death was accidental, Romulus, urged by hallucinations of his dead wife, decides to hunt down the killer who may be a famous avant-garde photographer.


Fans of Agent Coulson and Agent Carter are well aware of their affection for Captain America. Many have come to discover the actors' battle for lip-sync supremacy. The cast of Agents of S.H.I.E.LD and Marvel's Agent Carter challenged each other to Dubsmash Wars during San Diego Comic Con in 2015 and since then have unleashed a hilariously bitter rivalry.

While each team offered delightful performances, it wasn't until Lip-Sync Battle's 2016 episode that true war was declared. Clark Gregg went head-to-head against Hayley Atwell, performing to Britney Spears' "Toxic" in a skin-tight electric blue flight attendant outfit. Atwell decided to go Gaga and donned an equally outrageous outfit while singing to "Bad Romance." In the end, Gregg was victorious, proving no one puts Baby's beau in a corner.

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