S.H.I.E.L.D., Thor: The Dark World, Django Unchained: December 31st Comic Reel


Ming-Na Wen, cast as Agent Melinda May in Joss Whedon's upcoming "S.H.I.E.L.D." show, spoke with AMC Theaters about joining the cast of the show.

"I don't think [excited] covers it," Wen told AMC. "Ecstatic, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious might cover it. ... I don't want to explain too much, but it was an intense process, but at the same time it wasn't. [Joss Whedon] made it so easy and is just so welcoming when you walk into the audition room.

"I am in Whedonverse all the way. I'm going to watch every single thing he's ever done," Wen continued. "I was a huge fan anyways, so I'm just rewatching a lot of 'Firefly,' rewatching 'Avengers' again -- it's amazing. ... I don't think he's going to base it as much on the comics, I think this is going to be his own thing with Stan Lee, so I'd rather just take it fresh from his point of view."


Newsarama spoke with comic scribe and "Thor: The Dark World" screenwriter Christopher Yost, who briefly teased his work on the "Thor" sequel.

"I've been working on Thor since February, I think, and it's the biggest project I've ever worked on," Yost told Newsarama. "The transition has been fine, but the practical 'Let's actually go out and shoot this thing' aspect of it has been huge. [Laughs]"

Opens November 8, 2013


Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" has hit theaters and Yahoo! Movies has a featurette on Leonardo DiCaprio's character, Calvin Candie.

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Joseph Kosinski spoke with Collider about his upcoming film "Oblivion," based on the Radical Comic of the same name.

"This is something that started in 2005 for me," Kosinski told Collider. "It was period when I had just moved to Los Angeles and I couldn't get a job to save myself. The commercial music video industry is very hard to break into, and until you break in, that first job is the hardest thing in the world to get. I spent about a year just writing treatments and bidding on project after project with no success, and in order to keep myself from going insane I wrote this treatment for this small character driven science fiction film that I knew I had to keep contained if it was ever going to be my first movie. So I modeled it thinking back to 'Omega Man' or 'Silent Running,' these very character driven stories that had a small cast of characters but set against an epic backdrop with big ideas. In terms of the look and my vision for it I felt that I wanted to do something that I hadn't seen in a while, which was a daytime science fiction film. After Alien, which is one of my favorites, science fiction kind of went into a very dark place for a long time and I thought it would be an interesting challenge to bring it into the daylight. So this aesthetic of taking this kind of very clean refined technology set against a rugged backdrop, which ended up being Iceland. For me that juxtaposition of those two looks felt like something that could be very unique. For whatever reason that was something that came to me very clearly and something that we stuck to and that has worked throughout the whole film."


Spinoff Online has posted a breakdown from Industrial Light and Magic for the key battle scene in "The Avengers." It's pretty cool.

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