S.H.I.E.L.D., The Avengers 2, Ant Man: September 13th Comic Reel


Joss Whedon did a great deal of press during the Toronto International Film Festival, where his "Much Ado About Nothing" screened, including speaking with MTV about the anticipated "S.H.I.E.L.D." television series in Marvel Cinematic Universe continuity.

"We've already pitched to a network with a full framework, a full cast," Whedon told MTV. "It's new characters. It needs to be its own thing. You don't want a show where it's like, 'Oh, Iron Man just left, but he was totally here!' You want them to go off and do their own thing and say, 'What has S.H.I.E.L.D. got that the heroes don't have?' Part of that for me is that they're not super heroes, but they live in that universe. That makes them -- a little bit -- even though they're a big organization, the underdogs."

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Whedon also spoke to The Huffington Post during TIFF 2012 and he got asked the ever-present "Is Coulson coming back as Vision?" question. While the director didn't flat-out confirm or deny the possibility, he did come back with a somewhat cagey answer.

"I have some power, you know? I think there's a level of trust," Whedon told The Huffington Post. "You know, Kevin Feige and I have always had mutual respect, and on the first movie he was very supportive. But there were definitely things where they were like, 'Hmm, we don't see that.' And I think now Kevin's in a place where it would be more like, 'We don't see it, but we think you do.'"

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Collider has posted an interview with Marvel executive Victoria Alonso, who said fans may get a chance to see the "Ant Man" test footage screened at Comic-Con International 2012.

"What we showed at Comic-Con was a work in progress," Alonso said. "We're working on finishing it, and I think you might see it. Not sure where, but we always listen to the fans. And if the fans demand it we make sure they get it. I don't know if we are going to post it online, but I don't have [any reason] to believe we may not."


In the same Collider interview, Alonso shot down rumors that Viggo Mortenson was in negotiations to portray Doctor Strange in "Thor: The Dark World."

"We would love to work with Viggo Mortensen," Alonso told Collider. "I've been trying that for years. But I don't know if Viggo is even acting anymore. I thought he wasn't acting anymore. It would be great to work with him in the future, but we don't have him signed, no."

Meanwhile, Swedish website Moviezine.se posted an interview with actor Stellan Skarsgard about his role in "Thor: The Dark World" as Dr. Erik Selvig. Google Translate was the only way to translate the Swedish site, so there's no way to get a proper quote. However, the gist of the interview is that Skarsgard has already begun filming for the "Thor" sequel and his role will be about as large as it was in the first film. Further, Skarsgard hasn't yet heard anything about whether he'll be making a return in "The Avengers 2."

Opens November 8, 2013


Say goodbye to "Battle of Artemisia," the "300" follow-up has a new title according to Variety's Andrew Stewart. The prequel is now called "300: Rise Of An Empire." No other details were released about the reason for the name change.

Opens August 2, 2013


The CW has posted a new interview with Willa Holland, who plays Thea Queen on the upcoming "Arrow."

"Thea Queen is a rambunctious -- to say the least -- 17-year-old," said Holland. "She used to be valedictorian and was the bookworm school nerd, but after the loss of her older brother who was kind of like the celebutaunt, she had to try to live in his footsteps a little bit and starting taking after the party guy."

After a clip where Oliver calls Thea "Speedy," Holland spoke about the possibility of expanding her character to other areas.

"It's a little hint there," she said. "I've been talking to the show's writers and they've been saying they have a lot of things in store for me, to say the least. That's all I know, but it's definitely there."

Premieres October 10


TFW2005 has some coverage of Hasbro's presence at the UBS Best of Americas 2012 Conference where President and CEO Brian Goldner revealed "Transformers 4" will feature a new cast of robot characters with a story revolving around those characters. According to TFW2005, Goldner stated that brands need re-imagining and hinted it's set to happen with "Transformers 4."

Opens June 27, 2014


Comic Book Movie spoke with "Hart of Dixie" actress Claudia Lee, who plays Brooke in "Kick-Ass 2." Brooke actually appears in "Hit-Girl" in the comics, but the miniseries has been integrated into the "Kick-Ass 2" film.

"The whole essence of Brooke's attitude is what helped me to create her persona," Lee told CBM. "I am a fan of the 'Kick-Ass' comic book series, so I was drawn to bring out all of those qualities that Brooke possesses. I love Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s work. I've read the first two 'Hit-Girl' issues and I can't wait for the rest of them. In 'Kick-Ass 2' you will see some of Brooke's unique personality, but there is definitely more of her character to develop."

Opens June 28, 2013

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