Ryan Reynolds Thinks Logan Could Be An Oscar Contender

Ever since "Deadpool" and its star Ryan Reynolds scored Golden Globe nominations, people have been wondering if the film can break the comic book curse and score -- or even win -- an Oscar or two in non-technical categories. And if "Deadpool" doesn't take away a statue this year, then star Ryan Reynolds has a feeling that the upcoming X-Men film "Logan" could.

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While speaking with Variety, Reynolds commented on the film's chances of landing a Best Picture nomination, something no superhero film has ever received. "'Logan' looks like a movie that might break that glass ceiling," said Reynolds. "I know first-hand that it’s amazing. I’ve seen some of it. It’s mind-blowing. It relies a lot on character."

The R-rated film "Logan" comes from director James Mangold, whose Johnny Cash biopic "Walk the Line" earned Reese Witherspoon a Best Actress Oscar in 2005. Jackman's also talked about the Oscars recently, talking to Variety about "Deadpool's award chances.

"When I hosted the Oscars, ‘Batman’ didn’t get nominated, and everyone was talking about it,” said Jackman. “It’s a stretch to say these are injustices in life -- we are happy and making movies. But I love it when someone like Ryan gets recognized... These big-budget or comic book movies are not easy to pull off.”

Set beyond the events of “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” 2017’s “Logan” is set in the near future following a cataclysmic event that ravaged the mutant race. It will also be Hugh Jackman’s final outing as Wolverine, and will introduce Dafne Keen as the character’s teenage clone X-23.

Directed by James Mangold, written by Michael Green, Scott Frank, James Mangold and David James Kelly, and starring Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Richard E. Grant, Dafne Keen and Stephen Merchant, “Logan” arrives in theaters on March 3, 2017.

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