Ryan Reynolds Talks Body-Swapping in 'Self/less,' Hard-R 'Deadpool'

Imagine a world where your consciousness could be swapped into a new body. Death would be obsolete. Well, for those who could afford it anyway.

That's the chilling premise of the Tarsem Singh-directed "Self/less." Ryan Reynolds stars alongside Ben Kingsley as a wealthy man who leaves his aging, cancer-stricken body for a younger upgrade. But once strange visions begin to hit him, he realizes the horrible cost of his immortality.

While Reynolds made a press stop in New York on his way to Comic-Con International in San Diego, Spinoff Online had a chance to ask him about the film's thought-provoking themes and working alongside Kingsley and director Tarsem Singh. The actor also teases what fans should look forward to in Fox's "Deadpool," and puts to rest those "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" rumors.

"Self/less" opens in theaters Friday, July 10.

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