Ryan Reynolds Gets Pranked by Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Even Deadpool can be tricked, as Ryan Reynolds demonstrates in photos that depict himself as a victim of a holiday prank orchestrated by Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal.

As Reynolds relates in an Instagram post, he was invited to what he thought was a holiday sweater party, and dressed accordingly, as a Christmas gift topped by a large, gold bow. However, it turned out the event was a far more casual affair. Reynolds is captured in the photos looking visibly annoyed, while Jackman and Gyllenhaal are shown celebrating their victory, and then congratulating each other on a job well done.

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These fucking assholes said it was a sweater party. 🎄

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Reynolds enjoys pranking fans and celebrities with the sense of humor that made him a perfect for Deadpool, so it's unclear whether this was staged or if the actors friends actually did trick him.

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Reynolds and Jackman have jokingly been at war with each other in large part over the push for Jackman to don the claws one final time in Deadpool/Wolverine crossover.

Jackman announced last moth that he’ll stage a worldwide tour performing songs from his diverse career in musicals, so a return to the role of Wolverine appears even less likely than before. Gyllenhaal and Reynolds worked together in the sci-fi thriller Life.

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