Ryan Reynolds Launches New Deadpool Oscar Campaign

For star Ryan Reynolds, "Deadpool" was a labor of love.

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Getting the film made was no easy task, requiring leaked test footage and massive outcry from fans before Fox finally greenlit the Merc With a Mouth's long-overdue standalone film. Although it seemed to take forever, it ultimately paid off for the studio, in the form of $783 million worldwide box office and critical acclaim. Nearly a year since its release, "Deadpool" is basking in awards nominations.

"Deadpool" and Reynolds didn't win Golden Globe Awards this week, last month each picked up a Critics' Choice Award. And on top of that, Tim Miller just earned a Directors Guild Award nomination. However, Reynolds is still holding out for the biggest honor: Oscar gold.

Taking to Twitter Thursday night, the actor unveiled a new campaign video for "Deadpool," and unsurprisingly, it's pretty great:


— Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) January 13, 2017

However, this isn't the film's first Academy Awards campaign. In February 2016, just after "Deadpool's" release, Reynolds debuted a "For Your Considerbation" poster featuring an Oscar-style trophy and a list of its accolades, including "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner," "Best 'Leaked' Footage" and "Best Love Scene."

"Deadpool" is available to own on DVD and Blu-ray. Pre-production on "Deadpool 2" is well under way.

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