Ryan Reynolds Attacks Hugh Jackman in Fake Political Ad

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has published a fake political attack ad, which urges awards voters away from supporting The Front Runner star Hugh Jackman this awards season.

The video, which Reynolds published on YouTube, contains a warning that the video is "paid for by not Ryan Reynolds." The mysterious narrator, who most certainly is not Ryan Reynolds, expresses strong opinions on the supposedly Australian actor. Though it lasts less than a minute, the video calls out Jackman’s middle name, his retirement from the X-Men franchise and the bombshell revelation that the star was actually born in Milwaukee, not Sydney, Australia.

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The video is a fun extension of Jackman and Reynolds’ rivalry, though it also serves as an advertisement for Jackman's upcoming role as Senator Gary Hart in Jason Reitman’s The Front Runner. That movie focuses on the Hart's 1988 political campaign, which became embroiled in a sex scandal. Hart's promising career was derailed due to these sorts of ads.

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Jackman wasted no time responding to the video, posting a tweet of his dog pooping right on a picture of Reynolds in his Deadpool suit. It’s not very subtle, but the rivalry between these two never is.

Hugh Jackman can be seen in The Front Runner, which releases on November 20.

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