Ryan Reynolds Hopes For Wolverine Cameo In "Deadpool"

In an interview with News.com.au, "Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds weighed in on whether or not Hugh Jackman would appear as Wolverine in the merc's upcoming film.

"God I hope so, that would be really nice," said Reynolds. "I dunno, we'll see. It seems like he's open to it, but it's gonna be more of a scheduling issue than anything else."

Reynolds sounds quite hopeful considering the fact that Jackman has publicly stated that his days as Wolverine are coming to and end. The actor revealed earlier this month that "Wolverine 3" will be his final appearance as the clawed X-Man -- but he didn't mention how many appearances and/or cameos he would make before that film drops in 2017.

Wolverine and Deadpool have a history both in the comics and on the big screen. The two, both Canadian super-beings subjected to government experimentation, have been adversaries in the comics since the '90s. They even begrudgingly appeared as teammates in the recent "Uncanny X-Force" series. Deadpool made his feature film debut in 2009's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," a film that may or may not still be in canon, depending on how the upcoming DP solo film addresses his less than faithful debut appearance.

"Deadpool" opens on February 12, 2016.

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