Ryan Kelly's side project: <i>Funrama Presents</i>

Over on his blog, Local artist Ryan Kelly announces a "personal side project in every sense of that definition" called Funrama. The first two stories he's working on under the Funrama Presents banner are Funrama Presents: The Mutant Punks (shown above) and Funrama Presents: Raccoon. He says both of them are short stories that build toward a bigger story he's got planned.

"This is not a webcomic, per se," he says. "This is a personal side project in every sense of that definition. The FUNRAMA PRESENTS stories will be combined into a promo book that I hope to have available this summer with superstar pin-up art extras. The end goal is a set of 3 graphic novels. It could take years. Print on Demand..Unless a publisher wants to magically come forward and publish it. Anyway, More to come. I will be making a process Tumblr blog too.

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