Ryan Gosling In Talks To Star In <i>The Lone Ranger</i>

A new film adaptation of The Lone Ranger is something that's been cooking for some time. Johnny Depp has been set to join the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced flick for a while, and additional progress was made last year when Depp's Pirates of the Caribbean director, Gore Verbinski, signed on as well. With a director, a writer (Revolutionary Road's Justin Haythe) and one star all set, there's just one more major obstacle to overcome before the rest of the pieces fall into place: Who will play the titular hater of all things unjust?

It could be Ryan Gosling. That's the word from TheWrap, anyway. Gosling is said to be in talks for the role, though he's got a rather busy schedule right now with another starring gig in the sci-fi remake Logan's Run.

I think Gosling's a pretty good choice. He's a well-known actor in certain circles, but his face isn't synonymous with the sort of blockbuster fare that Bruckheimer and Verbinski both tend to deliver. Gosling also isn't immediately recognizable to all, and I think that's an important facet of the character the ought to be maintained in the casting. Put George Clooney in the role and it's just George Clooney wearing a Lone Ranger mask. Gosling, though, brings at least a little bit of mystery as an unproven quantity in the action genre.

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