RWBY Volume 7 Trailer Reveals New Outfits, New Grimm & Chaos in the Streets

Rooster Teeth Animation has revealed the official trailer for the fast-approaching seventh volume of RWBY. And it looks like Ruby Rose and company still have a lot of adversary to overcome if they want a shot at bringing down the villainous Salem.

The trailer opens with Atlesian General James Ironwood declaring, "many describe these as uncertain times," as a Creature of Grimm uses its fire breath to destroy a building. Ruby is then seen facing down the creature to make use of her Silver Eyes ability.

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From there, team RWBY and their comrades are seen arriving at the floating kingdom of Atlas. A closer look at the kingdom reveals chaos in the streets. Between a patrolling groups of Atlesian Knights, disgruntled citizens and, worse of all, more Grimm attempting to lay waste to the city, it's not a pretty sight.

Our heroes, of course, are not going to sit idly by, and take up arms against the creatures, several of which appear to be new additions to RWBY's ever-growing rogue's gallery of Grimm. While this is going on, Ironwood can once again be heard. "Until now, I believed it was impossible to truly turn the tide against Salem," he says. "We find ourselves in a position of needing a new approach. She will keep returning, stronger and stronger, unless we destroy her."

Ruby simply responds, "Tell us how we can help." It is at this point that the music kicks into high gear, and Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang leap from an airship. Sporting their new outfits and with their weapons drawn, they proceed to show just how far they've come as Huntresses since their first semester at Beacon Academy.

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Created by Monty Oum, Rooster Teeth Animation's RWBY stars the voices of Lindsay Jones, Kara Eberle, Arryn Zech, Barbara Dunkelman, Miles Luna, Shannon McCormick, Neath Oum, Samantha Ireland, Jason Rose, Jessica Nigri, Jason Liebrecht, Aaron Dismuke, Michael Jones and Jen Taylor. The series returns for Volume 7 on Nov. 2.

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