RWBY: 5 Things Confirmed (& 5 Things Fans Want) For Volume 7 And Beyond

The popular animated web series RWBY made a splash at New York Comic Con with some info on the latest volume and beyond. The cast and creators of the hit Rooster Teeth series held a panel and Q&A at the Hammerstein Ballroom to chat about what’s coming up in Volume 7 when it releases on November 2.

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Among the panelists were writer/director Kerry Shawcross, and actors Miles Luna, Lindsay Jones, Kara Eberle, Arryn Zech, and Barbara Dunkelman. Along with a new volume, there were some other surprises for everyone to divulge in as well in the long-running franchise, which will have fans clamoring for more.

10 Volume 7 Picks Up Right After Volume 6

The previous volume ended on a big cliffhanger with Team RWBY in Atlas as the entire city is barricaded from the outside. The new season picks up right where we left off with our heroes as they arrive in Atlas. “This isn’t exactly what it was last time they left. There’s going to be multiple reasons why, there’s going to be some things that are good, some things that are bad,” Shawcross explained.

With just a month away until it’s release, the panel unloaded a brand new trailer for the upcoming season that’s filled with action and stunning visuals. We also found out that Team RWBY aren't the only ones getting some new costumes, as Team JNPR is also going to be receiving a new makeover as well.

9 Exploring Weiss’ Backstory

Since Volume 7 takes us back to Weiss’ hometown of Atlas, it’s no surprise that we’ll be getting some more backstory on Karar Eberle’s character. "I'm excited to learn more about Weiss," Arryn Zech admitted. The voice actress expressed her excitement about what’s coming for Weiss in Atlas.

“I’m excited to see what the artists have come up with…what I’ve seen,’ Zech said. Luna told us that there will be some mixed emotions for Weiss when she comes home. “Obviously Weiss Schnee is going to have some complicated feelings throughout the volume. I think there’s a lot of history there for Weiss, and seeing her grapple with that over the course of the season is going to be…very interesting.”

8 The Kingdom of Atlas Isn’t The Same As It Was

Atlas has been a location that’s been featured on RWBY throughout the series. In the new volume, it’s going to be a whole new landscape for our four huntresses. The cast revealed that we may encounter some old acquaintances while being in Atlas.

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“Atlas is a place that we know there will be some familiar faces….Atlas is a really densely populated Kingdom and we figured you know it would make sense if you didn’t meet anybody new so we’ve got some new faces that will be showing up and I’m so excited for you all to meet them,” Miles Luna said.

7 RWBY Expands Into Books and Comics

There will be much more to explore in the world of RWBY as the panel announced its partnership with Scholastic and DC Comics. In the book department, Scholastic is all set to release the latest novel entitled RWBY: Before the Dawn, which is written by Showcross, Luna, and author E.C. Meyers.

The new book picks up right after the previous novel RWBY: After the Fall. Expect the new book to hit shelves on July 21st, 2020. The show will also jump into comics as DC Comics has picked up RWBY for an ongoing series with the first issue released this month. The first cover of the comic book series features a beautifully drawn variant cover from legendary artist Jim Lee.

6 Possible References To the Books and Comics of the Show

With RWBY already made into books and comics, fans have wondered if some aspects from those stories would make its way onto the show. Kerry Shawcross seems to think it’s a possibility. “Maybe. The main draw I would say for us to doing these partnerships and licensing things is we get to let people play in this world that we’ve created.”

The director explained that both entities were very different from each other, expanding on the show’s storytelling. “Some of that entails like one of my favorite things about the novels is that they’re completely different from what’s going on in the show…but it’s characters everybody really likes. Maybe some of that stuff will end up being a plot of the main show, maybe not so we’ll see.”

5 RWBY Makes Its Way to Video Games

Have you ever wanted to play as your favorite characters in RWBY in a video game? Well, it looks like fans will have their chance in the popular MOBA game Smite: Battleground of the Gods. Releasing in November, Team RWBY will be added as DLC characters to the game, which includes a battle pass and a Godskin.

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Fans will also be able to play them on the console fighting game BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle in their second expansion pack coming on November 21st. The pack will include nine new fighters, a new scenario, and some character interactions.

4 Creative Team Already Working on Volume 8 and 9

With Volume 7 already in the can, Kerry Shawcross revealed another surprise for fans of the series by announcing Volumes 8 and 9 are in development right now. "We have Volumes 8 and 9 officially greenlit. We have the budget to start them right now," Shawcross said. "I literally started writing the script for Volume 8 this morning."

So what can we expect in these two volumes? Miles Luna offered a hint on what’s to come. "Volumes 7 and 8 are going to be more connected, with [a focus] to improving the balance of character storylines." So expect a lot more adventures from Team RWBY in the near future.

3 RWBY and Viz Media Team Up

For all things anime, Viz Media has been the place to go, and their partnership with Rooster Teeth will bring fans of RWBY to the service. Viewers everywhere will get to explore more of the world of RWBY with this companion guide hitting bookstores thanks to Viz Media. Expect to see a lot of what goes behind-the-scenes with the creation of the series.

It’ll give fans a chance to see the artwork that goes behind the main characters, Luna said. Fans may also be happy to know that the team will also be working with Viz on an anthology manga series for Team Juniper, so everyone will be able to dig deeper into the fan-favorite B-team of the show.

2 Artists Can Have Their Fan Art Into Official Merchandise

Artists from all over have shared their love of RWBY with some great artwork. Now, these aspiring artists will finally have their chance to showcase their work. In a collaboration between For Fans By Fans and Fan Forge, a contest will be held where the winner can get their art turned into officially licensed merchandise.

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It’ll give fans a chance to have their designs selected official licensed products for the series. What better way to show some love for RWBY than to have your masterpiece shown to the rest of the world and earn some commission while you’re at it?

1 More Merch Being Added to the Rooster Teeth Store

With the fall season right around the corner, why not stock up on some brand new merch to support RWBY? The panel revealed some new products coming out of the Rooster Teeth site for sale. Items recently added to the shop include some new clothes, artwork, phone covers, and some well-crafted chopsticks. Some of these new designs include the main characters in their new costumes as well for the upcoming volume.

There’s also more of the fan-favorite sketchbook collection coming soon as well for fans to grab. For those interested in the music of the show can also own the volume 6 soundtrack for their playlist.

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