RWBY: 10 Questions About Ruby Rose, Answered

Production Company Rooster Teeth developed RWBY following the success of their series Red vs. Blue. Premiering in 2013, the American anime is currently streaming its seventh season on Rooster Teeth’s official website. Since its premiere, the series has spawned a chibi spin-off animated series, official behind-the scenes-podcasts, manga, and most recently, a DC Comics series.

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At the center of the story is huntress Ruby Rose. She just wants to help keep the world of Remnant safe. Ruby gets to do that with the help of her teammates and friends, but her whole life isn’t about being a huntress. She loves a good story, has a fondness for letter writing, and never wants to let anyone down.

With seven seasons, there likely isn’t much about Ruby Rose that devoted fans don’t already know, but there are some questions that have surprising answers.

10 What Did Ruby Want To Be Before A Huntress?

Young Ruby Rose In DC Comics RWBY

Before Ruby wanted to be a huntress, however, what she really loved was a good story. She loved fairy tales and stories where the good guys triumphed over evil. As a result, she and everyone around her thought she might want to become a storyteller one day. Ruby eventually realized that she didn’t want to tell stories, but she wanted to live a life of adventure and help people.

9 How Early In The Series Were Her Silver Eyes Teased?

Ruby Rose Meets Ozpin In The Premiere Of RWBY

Though Ruby doesn’t use her silver eyes (and even then, doesn’t understand them) until the end of the first volume, they’re actually hinted at in the debut episode of the series.

During her meeting with Ozpin, one of the first things he does is comment on her silver eyes. The audience didn’t know until her eyes are used in her battle against Cinder that they hold special power.

8 How Is Her Costume Different Compared To The Original Trailer?

Ruby Rose In The RWBY Red Trailer

Ruby has worn variations of the same costume throughout the series. Minor changes have been made to her skirt or her cloak over time, but for the most part, she has the same appearance. In the early “Red” trailer, however, fans will notice that Ruby’s design is a little different — especially in an area that became a hallmark of her outfit.

The trailer showed her cloak fastened at her throat and her belt featuring a cross pinned to it. During the series, her cloak becomes fastened at her shoulders with cross-shaped pins instead. Likewise, her rose emblem is featured on her belt. It’s a very minor alteration that demonstrates how much the design process could change as the story went on.

7 What Might Destroy Ruby?

Team RNJR In RWBY By DC Comics

Following new releases of the anime on Rooster Teeth’s official website, there’s been a tradition of giving fans behind-the-scenes details. Ruby Rewind does just that in talking about the episodes with cast and crew members.

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Lindsay Jones has appeared a few times to talk about story arcs for her character. According to Jones, there’s one thing that Ruby does that just might destroy her one day. In an episode of Ruby Rewind, Jones called Ruby “selfless,” like most heroes, but also explained that could be her downfall. As a result of Ruby wanting to help everyone else, she also isn’t, “dealing with her own issues. Compartmentalizing and internalizing her grief is what might eventually destroy her.”

6 Who Did She Beg For Information About Her Mother?

Young Ruby And Yang With Qrow In DC Comics RWBY

Ruby didn’t get to grow up with her mother. Summer Rose went out on a mission and never returned. When she was a small child, however, she used to beg for stories about her mother so she could better know her.

Ruby didn’t beg her father for stories, but instead, her big sister Yang, according to her backstory in DC Comics’ RWBY. Yang liked to tell Ruby stories about Summer, but Yang also liked to embellish her stories, which didn’t go over well when Ruby learned the truth. Their Uncle Qrow had to break up a fight between the two and explain the importance of accuracy in storytelling to them.

5 How Does She Take Her Coffee?

Ruby Rose In RWBY Anime Volume 1

Do fans often feel the need to pay attention to how an animated character takes their coffee? Probably not, but Ruby’s taste in coffee also explains her taste in food in general. When she has coffee throughout the series, she always uses at least five sugars.

This is pretty indicative of a very large sweet tooth. When dining with her team, the rest of the group often snacks on healthier options. Ruby opts for plates piled high with cookies and other sweets. Maybe the sugar is where all of her boundless energy really comes from.

4 What Is Ruby’s Semblance?

Ruby Rose Using Her Petal Burst Semblance

Ruby’s Semblance is officially termed “Petal Burst” in the anime. Don’t let the flowery name fool you, though; it’s certainly a strong one.

If fans noticed rose petals following behind Ruby in a fight early in the franchise, they might have thought it was just an effect to match her name by the animators. In reality, that’s what her Semblance looks like in action. Ruby essentially has super speed, but when she activates it, the rose petals indicate its use. She can move faster than anyone can see, and even activate her speed while she’s falling in midair.

3 Is She Left-Handed?

Ruby Rose On RWBY DC Comic Cover

According to series co-creator Monty Oum, Ruby is left-handed. He designed her that way because he was left-handed himself. Interestingly Ruby doesn’t solely use her left hand.

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In a fight, Ruby is equally capable of using either hand to wield her scythe. She also has been animated writing letters with her right hand. Though Oum might have initially made her left-handed, Ruby has evolved to become ambidextrous.

2 What Is Her Fairy Tale Inspiration?

Team RWBY In Volume 7

It’s no secret that the team at Rooster Teeth has taken inspiration from classic stories for their RWBY characters — and the world in general. From team JNPR (inspired by heroic figures like Achilles and Thor), to Ozpin and Glynda Goodwitch (inspired by the Baum’s Oz tales) there are a lot of nods to familiar stories.

Ruby Rose in particular is inspired by a classic fairy tale. She gets her red cloak, her name, and her penchant for breaking out on her own from Little Red Riding Hood. She also initially fought beowolfs in previews for the series as another nod to the story of a little girl going up against the wolf that ate her grandmother.

1 Why Does Ruby Rose’s Voice Sound Different In Early Trailers?

Ruby Rose In RWBY

Some fans thought producers might have switched voice artists before the series had even premiered. Ruby’s voice sounding slightly different in the first volume compared to the “Yellow” trailer created to introduce Yang as the culprit. While voice artists can change in anime all the time, that’s not what happened here.

According to commentary recorded for the first season, the trailers for the series were actually filmed while the first season was still in development. Voice actress Lindsay Jones was still working on her sound as Ruby, so there were still tweaks being made to her performance.

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