'Ruule' preview available from Beckett Comics

Official Press Release

DALLAS, TX - Comics fans who visit www.beckettcomics.com can now get a virtual look at 16 pages of Ruule: Ganglords of Chinatown, the first chapter in Beckett Comics' haunting new comic series exploring the loss of innocence that comes when one gains victory over evil.

From a story by Jeff Amano (Terminator 3, Taoland, Gene-Fusion), Ruule: Ganglords of Chinatown tells the tale of Gid, a true believer who is called upon to save his people in futuristic San Francisco, a god-forsaken, murderous-biker-infested hell on earth.

The comic was written by Ivan Brandon (Terminator 3, Gene-Fusion) with art by Mike Hawthorne (Terminator 3, Grendel: Red, White & Black) and Rick Remender (Terminator 3, Avengers). Edited by Gabriel Benson (Terminator 3), the comic's colors were done by Giulia Brusco (Batgirl/Catwoman) under the art direction of Matt Hollingsworth (Daredevil, Alias).

Artist David Mack (Daredevil, Kabuki) provided covers which mirror the flow of the series. As the story gets more menacing, the cover images follow suit.

Due to hit comic shops next month, the dark and dramatic 48-page premiere comic will be published in prestige format and carry a cover price of $5.95.

Special preview available at www.beckettcomics.com.

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