Russo Brothers & Fox's Image Adaptation "Sexcastle" Adds "Happy Endings" Writers

Things are heating up for 20th Century Fox and the Russo Brothers' adaptation of Image Comics' Kyle Starks graphic novel "Sexcastle."

Today, the Hollywood Reporter broke the news that sitcom writers Daniel and Matthew Libman (best known for their work on ABC's cult favorite "Happy Endings") will pen the script for the tongue-in-cheek homage to '80s action epics.

With an option announced back in January, "Workaholics" mainstays Kyle Newacheck and Blake Anderson were already on board to direct and star as Shane Sexcastle respectively while Marvel Studios masterminds the Russo Brothers serve as executive producers. When that word hit, the movie was described as being on a potential fast track, and such a quick addition of a writing team seems to confirm the confidence the studio has in the property.

Originally released last year, Starks' comic story was described by Image with the following logline: "The Former World's Greatest Assassin leaves the world of killing to a small town only to be pulled back in. An exciting action romp in the style of classic '80s Action Film."

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