Russo Bros Announce Battle of the Planets Feature Film

Battle of the Planets, the hit cartoon series adapted from a Japanese anime, is heading to the big screen from Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame directors, Joe and Anthony Russo.

The announcement was made during the pair's panel Friday at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

At this time it's not clear if the feature film will be a live-action adaptation or an animated feature, but odds are with their experience in the live-action genre, that could continue here.

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Premiering via syndication in 1978 and running for 85 episodes over two years, Battle of the Planets followed a pretty simple formula. Every episode followed the bird-costumed members of the superteam known as G-Force -- stern leader Mark (Casey Kasem), hotheaded Jason (Ronnie Schell), ship's pilot Tiny (Alan Dinehart), theoretically amusing kid sidekick Keyop (Alan Young) and the requisite princess (Janet Waldo) -- as they defended the Earth. As part of Intergalactic Security, the team fights the invading forces of the planet Spectra, led by the evil Zoltar under orders from the Dormammu-esque Luminous One (both voiced by Keye Luke).

Battle of the Planets follows five young orphans trained from a young age to form an elite, intergalactic team known as G-Force, swearing to protect Earth and its allies from otherworldly invading forces.

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