Russia's Vladimir Putin is his own superhero universe, apparently


The next time Marvel and DC Comics want to reboot their superhero universes, they may want to turn to Vladimir Putin for inspiration.

The Russian president, famed for his public -- and frequently shirtless -- displays of virility, celebrated his 63rd birthday on Wednesday by playing hockey and accepting an award (for his contributions to hockey). Some of his supporters, meanwhile, marked the occasion with an art exhibition in Moscow titled ... wait for it ... "Putin Universe."

A series of paintings depicted Putin in a range of heroic guises, from Batman, Thor and the Incredible Hulk to Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood and Neo. There were even Putin-esque versions of Muhammad Ali, Gandhi and Buddha.

“Vladimir Putin’s character is the embodiment of heroism, fairness, slyness, intellect, courage and charm,”organizers said in a statement, published by Agence France-Presse. In short, it seems, Putin is Superman. Who doesn't seem to have made an appearance in the exhibit ...

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