Rush to the Comic Book Store for "Rush Week!"

Official Press Release

Los Angeles, CA: Silent Devil, publishers of Dracula vs. King Arthur and The Devil's Panties, have released Super Frat: Rush Week Collection based on their popular webcomic. "It's a collection of the first strip, plus an exclusive story in comic book format," says Super Frat biographer, Tony DiGerolamo. "It's a lot of fun. Chris Moreno and I get to work the characters in two distinct formats."

Super Frat is based on the antics of Lambda Sigma Rho fraternity at Ryesmore University in upstate New York.

"The brothers are pretty excited about the new comic," says DiGerolamo. "Mostly, they give it away to hot girls to try and pick them up. Which reminds me, guys, you owe me for those 300 comp copies. You're gonna pay us back, right?"

Super Frat: Rush Week Collection is available at local comic book stores now and on the Silent Devil website at www.silentdevil.com.

To read the current strip, visit www.superfrat.com. Look for the next upcoming issue, Super Frat: Spring Break Collection in Spring of 2007.

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