Jackie Chan Apparently Isn't Teasing Rush Hour 4 After All

Monday, speculation ran rampant that a fourth installment of the popular Rush Hour film series was finally moving forward after years of rumored development, but this appears not to be the case.

Rumors swirled after stars Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan posted a photo together on Instagram, hinting at a reunion for a potential Rush Hour 4. However, Chan's management company, the JC Group, has since firmly debunked these rumors.

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In a post on Chan's official website, the JC Group issued a statement that any news about Chan participating in a fourth Rush Hour film or a sequel to The Karate Kid reboot are completely false, dashing any hopes of Detectives Lee and Carter reuniting for another globetrotting adventure.

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Soon after the release of Rush Hour 3 in 2007, rumors had surfaced that a fourth film was being planned, with director Brett Ratner and star Chris Tucker both reportedly interested in creating another sequel. Ultimately, a fourth Rush Hour has yet to be confirmed, with CBS adapting the action-comedy franchise for television in 2016 only to cancel it after a single season.

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