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The adventures of master detective Simon Archard and his femme fatale assistant, Emma Bishop, have a new wordsmith at the helm in writer Scott Beatty, who will be taking over the writing chores forthe title with issue #13. Current RUSE writer Mark Waid will be leaving the title.

Scott Beatty has written extensively for DC Comics with credits including Joker: Last Laugh, Robin: Year One, Robin, over 27 different issues of Secret Files, and the upcoming Batman: Gotham Knights beginning with issue #33. Beatty will not be relocating to Tampa as he will only be working on this single title, but will be writing from his home in Pennsylvania. He will be making frequent trips to the CrossGen studio to interact with the creative team and discuss the title's direction with head writer Barbara Kesel.

"Obviously, Mark helped to set the bar very high on RUSE," noted Beatty. "I'm quite excited to be following him on the book, and I very much look forward to working with Butch, Mike, and Laura in chronicling the continuing exploits of Simon and Emma."

Beatty was CrossGen's choice for replacement based on the extremely high recommendation of current CrossGen writer Chuck Dixon. Dixon hascollaborated with Beatty in the past and has served as something of a mentor to him.

"The choice of Scott Beatty to take over RUSE was a natural from the start," said Dixon. "From his educational background to his deft grasp of characterization, he has all the requirements needed to chronicle the further adventures of Simon and Emma. He and I have worked together extensively and I was always amazed at his ability to drop in and perfectly nail the tone and 'voice' of any character. He's going to have fun on this book and I think readers will too."

While Mark Waid was the writer of the title, he enjoyed a fully collaborative relationship with the other members of the RUSE creative team. A difference of opinion on the future direction of the title led to Waid's decision to step down and allow a new writer to take his place.

"I greatly enjoyed working on RUSE during my run. Since the team wanted RUSE to go in a different direction than I did, we decided to part ways. It's unfortunate, but these things happen in a dynamic creative environment. I am pleased that someone I respect, such as Scott Beatty, has been chosen to take over the writing chores. I will very much miss working on RUSE, and I wish the team and CrossGen all the best of luck in the future."

Waid's influence on RUSE will last through issue #12. Beatty will take over the title full-time beginning with RUSE #13.

"In a perfect world, creators working together on the same project all have the same ideas, are all on the same page and work toward exactly the same vision," RUSE colorist Laura DePuy said.

"Unfortunately," added RUSE penciler Butch Guice, "it's not a perfect world and it doesn't always work out that way. Understanding that, the whole team is excited to welcome Scott Beatty aboard. He comes very highly regarded by Chuck and others, and from what we've seen so far, the book won't miss a beat."

Waid's departure ends his one and a half year tenure with CrossGen.

"As I've said many times before, Mark Waid has done a commendable jobwriting RUSE and the title would not be as widely-acclaimed without him helping his team launch it," said CrossGen Publisher and CEO Mark Alessi. "On behalf of the entire CrossGen staff, I want to thank him for his work on the title and wish him luck with all his future endeavors."

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