Rupert Murdoch Blames "Fantastic Four" Flop For Fox's Poor Fiscal Showing

The saga of Fox's "Fantastic Four" flop continues to unfold, even after the reboot has left theaters. Now, as reported by The Wrap, the film's studio is blaming the "Four's" flame out with their less than stellar revenue during their first fiscal quarter of 2015. Wall Street predicted that Fox would make $6.42 billion during the quarter, but the studio has reported that they actually made $6.08 billion. That's a $340 million dollar difference.

Executive chairman Rupert Murdoch called out the FF flop in his statement, after stating that the company's cable networks "generated strong growth" during the quarter. "Our quarterly results also reflect the expected impact of challenging comparisons for our film studio due to the timing of key releases, as well as the poor performance of 'The Fantastic Four,'" said Murdoch.

The article notes that the success of 21st Century Fox's "The Martian," which has so far made $184.2 million domestically, missed the cutoff to be counted on the Q1 report; instead, "The Martian," which opened on October 2, will be recognized in fiscal Q2.

"Fantastic Four" opened on August 7 to poor reviews and bad word-of-mouth from its own director, Josh Trank. The film failed to open at #1, with only a $26.2 million opening weekend haul. The film finished its theatrical run, earning just $56.1 million domestically. The film was slightly more successful overseas, where it's earned $111.7 million, allowing it to barely make back its $120 million production budget.

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