'Runners #1': New sci-fi adventure comic to launch in November

Press Release

Runners kicks off as a new ongoing sci-fi comic book series from Serve Man Press (Northampton, MA) and Sean Wang, the writer and artist of Tick and Arthur. The first issue of the premiere five-issue miniseries, titled Runners: Bad Goods, arrives in comic stores November 2002.

It's another day in the life of a smuggler for Roka Nostaco and the rest of the crew of the runner ship Khoruysa Brimia. They're anxiously waiting in a dangerous area of pirate space for a switch ship to arrive with their intended cargo. When they discover the switch ship has been attacked and boarded by raiders, Roka and company realize that in order to save the goods, they'll have to board the ship themselves and take on the ruthless pirates in a head-on fight. But there's more to this particular job than meets the eye. And a surprise waiting for them onboard…

Described by series creator Sean Wang as, "part Star Wars, part Smokey and the Bandit," Runners chronicles the misadventures of a motley crew of alien smugglers operating in a sector of space where outlaws run wild. Mixing humor, action and drama with a sharp, clean art style, the initial story arc revolves around reluctant smuggler Roka Nostaco and his crew as they try to successfully complete their run while hounded on all sides by pirates, bounty hunters, police and the occasional conscience.

The 24-page, black-and-white Runners: Bad Goods #1 will retail for $2.95 (U.S.) and will be available through Diamond Distributors, Inc. in the September 2002 issue of Previews.

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