Runemaster Studios Inc Leaves Alias Comics

Official Press Release

Runemaster Studios, Inc. has announced that it is severing ties with Alias Enterprises, effective immediately. Runemaster's partnership with Alias produced the sold-out mini-series "Lions, Tigers and Bears," published through Image comics, as well as the debut issue of "The Gimoles." The trade paperback collection of "Lions, Tigers and Bears," also produced in partnership with Alias, sold out of its initial printing.

"Our relationship with Alias initially seemed like a match made in heaven," stated Runemaster's President Mike Bullock. "However, the current direction Alias is pursuing no longer fits with our vision for Runemaster Studios, so we have no choice but to part ways."


According to Bullock, Runemaster is terminating the licensing agreements for "Lions, Tigers and Bears" and "The Gimoles" for cause, due to material breaches committed by Alias.

"It's unfortunate the situation has come to this," Bullock said. "We've exhausted every avenue of reconciling our differences with Alias and securing what is owed to us. This is a last resort, but we've been left with no other option."

As for the future of Runemaster's properties, a new publisher has already been secured for a second "Lions, Tigers and Bears" mini-series, with the first issue of the series already nearing completion. Fans can expect to see it in stores in early 2006. "The Gimoles #2" was delivered to Alias in mid-July for release in August, but has yet to appear in stores. According to Bullock, Runemaster has yet to receive a satisfactory explanation from Alias for the delay, nor has a new release date been established.


"It's frustrating. I'd like to personally apologize to the fans who supported us by picking up the first issue of Gimoles," Bullock said. "This is something that's out of our hands right now, but I promise you, the story will be finished, one way or another."

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