How Marvel's Runaways Sets Up a Deadly Season 3

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of Marvel's Runaways, streaming now on Hulu.

The second season of Marvel's Runaways ends with the teen heroes and the nefarious Pride being outsmarted by a newly reborn Jonah, who now occupies the body of Victor Stein. With the villain and his alien family taking over Pride, the kids and their parents' are left with their backs against the wall as the new alien cabal seeks to continue the sacrifices required to prolong its lifespan.

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As Jonah's family sets out to create a new ship in which they can leave Earth, Karolina, Chase and Chase's mother Janet are lined up as the first sacrifices, laying the groundwork for an intriguing third season in which friend and foe will have no choice but to unite against Jonah. Let's look at what may be in store for a third season of the Hulu series.

The Search for the Prince

With Jonah, aka the Magistrate, taking over Victor's body, he already knows it will take some time to create a new ship in which to leave the planet. As a result, they're already looking to increase the sacrifices necessary to prolong their lives on Earth. But despite the alien's wife possessing Gert's other, Stacey, and his daughter taking control of Nico's mom, Tina, Jonah is still one family member short.

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They don't know whose body their son, the royal prince, inhabits, with the family theorizing that if it were someone in Pride, they'd already know, as they've taken over three members. With that in mind, they suspect the prince is one of the Runaways, and it's clear Jonah & Co. will come to find the boy, as the Magistrate has indicated he wants his entire family alongside him as he plots the next chapter in their galactic journey.

The Hunt for Leslie's Baby

The Runaways are gleaning new insight into Jonah and his family, thanks to the shape-shifting stowaway Xavin, now ampong their ranks. But the most crucial piece of information has come in the form of a warning that Jonah will indeed come calling for Leslie's unborn child. Now that she's switched sides, Karolina's mom is an ally, but Xavin admits it will take a larger, united front to stop Jonah from following through on his threat.

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From her time aboard Jonah's ship before it crashed on Earth, Xavin knows everyone belonging to Jonah's bloodline is important to him, so Leslie's pregnancy makes the Runaways even larger targets. It's only a matter of time before he begins the hunt for his child, and with the Runaways' ranks diminished (they've lost Chase and Karolina), and the criminals and corrupt cops at Jonah's disposal, it'll certainly make for a ruthless hunt next season.

The Wounded Pride

With Gert and Old Lace kidnapped by her father, Dale, Nico's dad, Robert, in the hospital after she nearly killed him, Frank imprisoned by the Gibborim Church, Janet ready to be sacrificed, and Alex's parents in police custody for murder, the only three active members of Pride are Victor, Stacey and Tina -- but they're possessed by Jonah and his family.

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That means the old Pride is all but done, with Jonah 2.0 looking to construct a new vessel to leave Earth, and to gather new sacrifices. Ironically, the one member who escaped, Leslie, has already embarked on a path of redemption by helping the teens. However, the door is still open for other parents to join her. Janet (if she's rescued) and Dale seem the likely candidates, but it's still up in the air whether the Runaways will offer them the same degree of trust as Leslie. Either way, Jonah's royal family has already turned a smaller Pride unit into something way more sinister, and this could see former members returning to claim what they think is rightfully theirs.

Streaming now on Hulu, Marvel’s Runaways Season 2 stars Rhenzy Feliz, Lyrica Okano, Virginia Gardner, Ariela Barer, Gregg Sulkin, Allegra Acosta, Angel Parker, Ryan Sans, Annie Wersching, Kip Pardue, Ever Carradine, James Marsters, Brigid Brannagh, Kevin Weisman, Brittany Ishibashi and James Yaegashi.

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