Runaways: 10 Things You Need to Know About Nico Minoru

Nico Minoru is arguably one of the strongest members on the Runaways. She's also one of the most complicated. Her staff and her family is full of secrets and mysteries, and she's only just begun to scratch the surface of the truth.

Nico has made a lot of appearances in the Marvel Universe, proving that there is still a lot to tell when it comes to her story. Here are ten facts that all Nico fans should know about her character.

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10 Nico's Parents Were Part of the Pride

Let's start with the most obvious fact about Nico Minoru. Her parents were not heroes. Far from it, they were members of the Pride – an organization intent on crime. She defied her parents and ran away with the rest of the Runaways. This ended up being a pivotal event in Nico's history, forming many of the ideals and morals of her character.

Nico and the rest of the Runaways successfully thwarted their parents' plans, but it ultimately cost the team more than expected. While they didn't want their parents to win, most of them would have preferred not to have them die.

9 The Staff of One

During the struggle against her parents, Nico took possession of the Staff of One. More accurately, the staff absorbed itself into her body. It revealed itself once again, when Nico was cut. From then on the staff would appear whenever she bled.

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The staff is a difficult magical item to control, as the name suggests, it will only complete a spell once. With time Nico has figured out how to work her way around that restriction. Finding ways around it through learning new languages and getting creative with her wording.

8 Sister Grimm

For a while after running away from her parents, Nico felt conflicted and full of pain. She desperately wanted to distance herself from her parents, and by any means necessary. One of the things she did was to take up a new moniker for herself. Thus she took up the name Sister Grimm.

Nico didn't use the name for long, relatively speaking. She eventually was able to move on from the issues she was dealing with, and take up her given name once again. However, it is still one of her iconic names to this day, and she is still referred to that way by some.

7 Rivalry

Nico in Runaways

The Runaways has been broken up more than once. During one of those times Nico was sent to a foster home of sorts. Here she made some friends, who eventually convinced her to try new things again. It was through this that she bumped into Marie Laveau.

Marie Laveau considered herself Nico's rival because of what Nico's parents had done. Normally Nico would probably see the enemy of her parents an ally, but this was one of the rare exceptions to that rule. She and Laveau fought, with Nico eventually getting her hands on the item Laveau was seeking.

6 Relationship Troubles

Nico has never been afraid of getting into a relationship. Okay, that's not quite accurate. There is one person she's famous for hesitating with, but we'll get to that in a moment. Nico has had her fair share of trouble with relationships.

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Her first, and in some ways most iconic relationship was with Alex. Something in Nico broke when Alex betrayed the Runaways in favor of the Pride. She did eventually heal though, and found herself dating another (new) Runaways member named. Victor. That ended up not working out either, but at least it wasn't as catastrophic as the relationship she had with Alex.

Her most recent relationship is one that fans have been asking for ever since the earlier years of the Runaways publishing history. It was a tumultuous relationship to start, with Karolina being open about her feelings, and Nico feeling certain that she didn't feel for Karolina (or any other girl) that way. Things have since changed, giving fans hope that this will be the end of Nico's bad luck with relationships.

5  5. Her Ancestry

Runaways in love

Nico's ancestry is somewhat more complicated than we first though, and even more cruel. If that is even possible. When Nico and the rest of the Runaways find themselves in the past, things get messy for poor Nico.

She was taken by the Witchbreaker – and old woman claiming to be Nico's ancestor. Nico was tortured by this woman, all in what that woman claimed was a method of teaching. Nico was able to walk away from that encounter, but her magic has since been forever changed.

The appearance and behavior of the Witchbreaker indicates that her family has a history of cruelty. First her parents, and then this ancestor. It doesn't look good for Nico's history. At least she has proven capable of breaking the mold created by them.

4 Maternal Instincts – Sort of

Nico may not strike you as the most maternal sort, and that is partially accurate. She is however extremely protective of those she cares about. And that includes the younger members of her team. Klara and Molly are the youngest members of the Runaways, and Nico did everything she could to take care of them. Including trying to make sure that they were properly educated.

Most recently Nico cast a spell that made her and Chase Molly's legal guardians. This allowed them to enroll Molly into a school, and do everything needed to legally be able to care for her. And not once has Nico shown any regret for this decision.

3 Near Death Experience

Nico was one of the unfortunate teenagers to be captured and dragged to Murderworld during Avengers Arena. Here she and the others battled brutally for their lives, getting pitted against one another.

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During one of the fights Nico was mortally wounded. She used the Staff of One to call for help, mostly because she didn't want to die alone. The staff did successfully bring her back to life, but at a cost. The staff was reduced to half size, the rest of it presumably being used to repair the damage she had received.

2 Her Time on A Force

The Runaways wasn't the only team that Nico was a part of. For a while, she ran with the A Force – a team of incredibly strong heroines. The team consisted of Captain Marvel, Medusa, She-Hulk, Singularity, Dazzler, and Nico herself.

Together the team faces off against some of the most surprising threats, while also trying to learn about and help their new friend, Singularity.

1 The Truth of the Staff of One

In the most recent series for the Runaways, it was learned that there is even more to the Staff of One than appeared. As it turns out, the Staff of One is actually a person. Nico isn't thrilled about the idea of keeping a person imprisoned as the staff, but she can't free him either, since he doesn't exactly seem to be a good person.

Nico and her staff come to an agreement. She won't have to bleed to bring out the staff anymore. But in exchange he'll get to bleed into her (his words). By that he means that for every spell she casts, he'll take over a bit more. This is a deeply disturbing offer, but Nico is excited to take him up on it and never have to cut again. Time will only tell what the cost of that agreement will be.

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