Runaways & Sentinel Join Forces for Special Marvel Must Haves

Official Press Release

Marvel is going to give readers who missed out on one of the most critically acclaimed new series of the year ANOTHER chance to read the first two sold-out issues. And the even better news is fans that give that series a try will also get to jump-on to one of the OTHER best-reviewed new series of the year ... at no extra charge!

RUNAWAYS #1 & 2, by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Adrian Alphona, are being collected in a new MARVEL MUST HAVES edition, and they'll be just one-half of a specially-priced 'flipbook' format volume also collecting SENTINEL #1 & 2, by writer Sean McKeever and the artists at UDON.

This four-issue, 96-page MARVEL MUST HAVES: SENTINEL & RUNAWAYS #1 & 2 FLIPBOOK will go on-sale 6/11, with a cover price of just $3.99! The volume replaces the previously announced SENTINEL #1 & 2 MUST HAVES, and fans and retailers who have previously placed orders on that that will now receive the double-sized flipbook, for the same low price!

"With the reports from Diamond of quick sell-outs and unmet and the critical reception both series received, it became obvious quickly that early issues of both SENTINEL & RUNAWAYS would be collected in MUST HAVES editions," said Marvel E-I-C Joe Quesada, "and plans were made and announced for the SENTINEL volume, along with the drop in cover price to $2.50 with issue #3. Plans were also being made for the RUNAWAYS edition as well.

"But the more we talked about it here, the more we wanted to give these two great new series the best chance possible to find their audience, so we thought combining two the MUST HAVES into one flipbook volume for the price of one would turn this into a can't-miss tool for retailers and a true "Must-Have" for Marvel fans.

The special flipbook will on-sale in time for readers to continue with each series without missing a beat. SENTINEL #3 goes on sale 6/11 as well, and RUNAWAYS #3 follows on 6/25.

The 96-page MARVEL MUST HAVES: SENTINEL & RUNAWAYS #1 & 2 FLIPBOOK (MAR035088), goes on sale 6/11 with a cover price of just $3.99. SENTINEL #3, with a new lower cover price of $2.50, also goes on sale 6/11 and has a Final Order Cut-off (FOC) of 5/22. RUNAWAYS #3 goes on sale 6/25 and retailers are reminded its Final Order Cut-off (FOC) is now 6/5.

SENTINEL #4 and RUNAWAYS #4 then return to their normal ship weeks and will go on sale 7/2 and 7/16, respectively.

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