Runaways Season 2's Game-Changing Finale, Explained

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Marvel's Runaways Season 2, streaming now on Hulu.

The debut season of Marvel's Runaways ended on a note that stuck close to the comic book source material, with the teenage superheroes finally going on the run from their parents. Season 2 picks up with them waging all-out war to take down the Pride, while struggling to adjust to life on their own in an underground mansion.

With romances budding, a lot of drama naturally unfolds as the teens try to keep their hideout secret, support themselves and figure out how to stop the threat posed by the alien Jonah (Julian McMahon). With the truth about his species revealed, Karolina's allegiance is put to the test as her father hatches a new plan to destroy not only her friends, but also the Pride, leading to an intriguing finale that changes the dynamic of the series.

The Royal Family Rises

Leading up to the finale, we find out that Jonah (aka the Magistrate) is the leader of a royal family of aliens who crashed on Earth after picking up a stray shape-shifter, the Xartan known as Xavin. His ambition since Season 1 has been to recover his ship from the hole at the construction site and leave the planet. But as Jonah comes close to his goal, the Runaways and the Pride team up to stop him, with the Yorkes using his own technology and biological makeup against him, destroying the vessel.

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In the battle, Nico exacts her revenge, and impales Jonah with the Staff of One. However, as we later learn, that body was only a vessel. Jonah went on to possess a revived Victor Chase, and with his family also freed from the ship, his wife possessed Gert's mother, Stacey, while his daughter took over Nico's mom, Tina.

In the finale, they plot to construct a new ship to escape Earth. But seeing as this will take some time, Jonah 2.0 is already creating new pods for his family to use for sacrifices so their life forces can be strengthened. What's even more intriguing is that Jonah's son is unaccounted for, as they don't know which body he's possessed.

The New Runaways

After turning on Jonah and the Church of the Gibborim, Karolina's mom, Leslie, is taken in by the Runaways. Alex is reluctant at first, but the team warms to her, realizing that she's seeking to redeem herself for everything she has done. They also hope to use her knowledge of the Pride, not realizing it is being changed by a reborn Jonah. What's more, Leslie is pregnant with Jonah's child, and the Runaways are determined to do whatever they can to prevent him from taking the baby.

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However, with Chase and Karolina kidnapped by Jonah 2.0, the team is as short-changed as ever. Alex, after getting his parents arrested for murder, is present and accounted for, but Jonah has Chase and Karolina. Gert is also missing, kidnapped by her father, Dale on a cross-country tip with the dinosaur Old Lace, as he's figure out something isn't right with his wife Stacey.

The complexion of the team is drastically changed by the finale, with the new team consisting of Alex, Leslie, Nico and Molly. However, they're not to be underestimated, as Xavin has also joined their ranks. an integral part of Jonah's crew on their intergalactic trips, the shape-shifter may possess the answer to stopping the royal family.

The Pride Disassembled

It's not only the Runaways who will have a new look in a potential third season, as the Pride will also look radically different. With Alex's parents under arrest, Nico's dad, Robert, recovering after she almost killed him in battle, Leslie switching sides, Frank imprisoned by the church for blasphemy, and Dale fleeing, the group is diminished.

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That's allowed Jonah 2.0 to take over and reshape it with his family possessing Stacey and Tina. The final shot of the season shows the victims he incapacitated in battle -- Chase, his mother Janet, and Karolina -- in stasis chambers, ready to be used as sacrifices. It remains to be seen how the other Pride members will react to this makeover, but it's clear this new group will be hunting for more victims to drain.

There's also the question of whether any part of Victor's consciousness will be able to regain control of his body and fight off Jonah, but as it stands, the royal family is well on its way to becoming a cabal that the Runaways and Pride might have to unite against.

Now streaming on Hulu, Marvel’s Runaways Season 2 stars Rhenzy Feliz, Lyrica Okano, Virginia Gardner, Ariela Barer, Gregg Sulkin, Allegra Acosta, Angel Parker, Ryan Sans, Annie Wersching, Kip Pardue, Ever Carradine, James Marsters, Brigid Brannagh, Kevin Weisman, Brittany Ishibashi and James Yaegashi.

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