Runaways #30

Story by
Art by
Michael Ryan
Cover by
Marvel Comics

Joss Whedon's final issue on Runaways is here! Runaways #30, the final issue in Whedon's and superstar artist Michael Ryan's time traveling epic ties everything up and wraps it in an antique bow. With our heroes trapped in 1907, they continue to try and find a way back to the future they belong in. But once a super-powered war breaks out on the streets of New York, it makes finding a solution that much harder. This is the arc has everyone talking and raving about Runaways!

Matthew J. Brady of Comicsbulletin.com says "It's all rather eventful, and Whedon makes it enjoyable, delivering the trademark Runaways dialogue that Brian K. Vaughan established" and Daniel Crown of IGN.com states "Rough, yet strangely endearing. And most importantly, at least to me, it feels definitively different from the current Marvel Universe, serving its purpose as a nice break from the status quo."

This series has been a smash hit from the beginning of Whedon's run right up to the very end. Will our heroes find their way back and will someone else be joining them? Find out in Whedon's monumental conclusion Runaways #30!

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