Run the Jewels Heads Back to Marvel Universe for Venom Soundtrack

Venom tongue Eddie Brock

After the high-profile use of their song “Legend Has It” in the teaser trailer for Black Panther and a series of Marvel Comics covers, Run the Jewels has returned to Marvel with “Let’s Go (The Royal We),” a track that plays during the credits of Venom.

The news, which was officially revealed on RTJ’s website, comes on the heels of Venom’s record-breaking financial success and utter critical failure. The post also announced the song will release everywhere this Friday, Oct. 12, and even features some awesome artwork of Sony’s symbiotic monster.

It’s a pretty smart match, as the film already has a strong appeal for hip-hop music lovers given the score from Ludwig Goransson and title track from Eminem. Goransson is a frequent collaborator with Childish Gambino.

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And on top of that, RTJ themselves are no stranger to collaborations with film and nerd culture. The official video for the song “Oh Mama” from their third album is an Adult Swim-sanctioned Rick and Morty animation. Additionally, they recorded a song for last year’s Edgar Wright car chase movie Baby Driver, “Chase Me.”

Venom is directed by Ruben Fleicsher and stars Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed. It is in theaters everywhere now.

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