Rumor: 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Eyeing New Cyclops, Jean Grey & Storm Actors

Anticipation is high that Fox's upcoming Bryan Singer film X-Men: Apocalypse will do a better job capping an X-Trilogy than the much decried X-Men: The Last Stand did, but one thing that those films will share in common are the characters of Cyclops, Jean Grey and Storm.

Ever since writer Simon Kinberg teased last fall that the three foundational X-Men would be recast by younger actors for the '80s period piece, speculation has been rampant as to what fresh faces will carry the franchise forward. Even former Cyclops James Marsden chimed in with his personal Scott Summers pick.

Now movie rumor site Latino Review has stepped forward with claims that Fox is eyeing several actors for each role. For Cyclops, the contenders are apparently Kingsman: The Secret Service star Taron Edgerton, If I Stay actor Jamie Blackley, and relative unknown Tye Sheridan. For Jean Grey, the rumor zeroes in on Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner and Hanna ass-kicker Saoirse Ronan. Meanwhile, Storm's replacements supposedly include recent Lifetime TV movie Aaliyah Alexandra Shipp and Disney Channel alum Zendaya Coleman.

Of course, all of these rumors are unconfirmed, but Fox should be narrowing their hunt soon as the film is set to roll cameras in Montreal this April ahead of a May 27, 2016 release.

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