Rumor: <i>Superman</i> Villain May Be Played By Edgar Ramirez

The casting train for Zack Snyder's Superman continues to roll forward. Kevin Costner is the most recently confirmed actor, and he'll be playing the Man of Steel's adoptive father Jonathan Kent. Following up on the news that Viggo Mortensen is no longer up for a villain role in the 2012 release, Latino Review reports that Edgar Ramirez is instead being eyed for a key villain role.

Ramirez is known for his leading role on the three-part IFC Films miniseries Carlos, in which he played convicted Venezuelan terrorist Carlos the Jackal. He also popped up in the 2007 trilogy-capper The Bourne Ultimatum as CIA assassin Paz. Ramirez is also set for the role of the Greek god of war Ares in the upcoming Clash of the Titans sequel, which kicked off production this week.

Bear in mind, the Ramirez news isn't credited to anyone more concrete than an unnamed source, so this falls very firmly into the "rumor" camp for now. A better question to ask is who the villain will be. Rumors have previously suggested that it's General Zod, but there's no small contingent of fans who would like to see Snyder explore a little deeper into the Superman rogue's gallery instead of returning to a character that has already been portrayed in one of the previous movies.

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