Rumor: Nolan and Bale Could Reunite for <i>Justice League</i>?

Time to put your skepticism glasses on: Although most reports point to Justice League struggling at Warner Bros., a new rumor claims the film is not only very much alive, but that Christopher Nolan is developing it.

"But wait!" you might say. "Hasn't Nolan repeatedly shot down Justice League rumors?" Yes, but Latino Review is still asserting that Warner Bros. is talking to the Interstellar director about taking over all things DC -- similar to what Marvel did with Joss Whedon. That means, yes, Nolan will be involved in the development and production of all DC Comics materials at the studio. What's more, Man of Steel director Zack Snyder allegedly is being pegged to help produce, and possibly helm, Justice League.

Considering he already directed the three Batman films and produced the upcoming Man of Steel, that news is not too shocking. Still, Nolan has repeatedly said he won't be involved in any future DC movies. This wouldn't be the first time someone in Hollywood has changed their mind about a project (just look at J.J. Abrams), but we'll continue to doubt this news until it's confirmed.

Even more unlikely is Latino Review's claims that Warner Bros.  is trying to get Christian Bale to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne in the ensemble film. We doubt that's something Nolan and Bale would ever let happen, and the actor has made it very clear that he's moved on from the Dark Knight. But Henry Cavill being involved in the new movie? That we can believe.

Justice League is slated for a summer 2015 release.

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