RUMOR: Multiple Death Scenes Filmed For "Captain America: Civil War"

If all of these rumors pan out, it looks like "Captain America: Civil War" might have the highest body count of any Marvel Movie. That Hashtag Show has a potentially major spoiler from an unnamed source, one that could ensure that the superhero Civil War takes its toll.

The rumor claims that directors Joe and Anthony Russo have filmed three more death scenes for "Civil War" -- some of which are meant as misdirection. The rumor states that the scenes filmed were for Falcon (Anthony Mackie), War Hammer (formerly War Machine, played by Don Cheadle) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen). This is similar to "Age of Ultron" when death scenes were shot for both Hawkeye and Quicksilver, and the latter was used. The source claims that one of the three characters will be severely wounded in the middle of the movie (a shot from the trailer does feature Iron Man cradling an injured War Hammer in his arms).

The rumor follows an earlier one -- again, spoiler alert -- stating that "Civil War" will conclude with the death of Steve Rogers. You can check out the rumor below, which also includes That Hashtag Show's own speculation.

"Captain America: Civil War" opens on May 6, 2016.

(via ComicBookMovie)

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